Team Talk: Microsoft Ads Vs Google Ads

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Ronalyn Bentulan

PPC Executive


Our Team Talk in October was all about Microsoft ads vs Google ads!

This time in was the wonderful Ronalyn’s turn to take centre stage. Our Digital Marketer and PPC Queen gave us the lowdown on the what, who and why of Pay Per Click.

Key Milestones in the History of PPC

From the throwback to AdWords days and the early days of the internet, there have been some big changes. To summarise, it all started with Planet Oasis in 1996 – they were known as the first PPC model on the web. It wasn’t until 2002 that Google launched AdWords, its first PPC advertising system for search engines.

Fast forward to today and we have many different tools and platforms at our disposal for PPC! Nowadays PPC is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2022, businesses spent an estimated $152 billion on PPC advertising worldwide. PPC advertising is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes to reach their target customers and grow their businesses.

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Key differences between Google Ads and Microsoft Ads

Whilst they seem the same, this isn’t quite the case! The best choice depends on an individual business and their needs. So what are the differences?

  • Reach: Google Ads has a much larger reach than Microsoft Ads, with over 85% of the search engine market share compared to Bing’s 9%. This means that Google Ads can reach a much wider audience with your ads.
  • Cost: Google Ads typically has higher CPCs than Microsoft Ads. This is because there is more competition for keywords on Google Ads. However, Bing Ads often returns a higher ROAS than Google, because advertisers are paying less per click.
  • Targeting: Microsoft Ads has great targeting features, especially for B2B marketing teams. This is because Bing is the default search engine on many office desktops.
  • Ad networks: Google Ads includes the Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube, and other Google-owned platforms for advertising beyond search. Microsoft Advertising includes the Microsoft Audience Network and partnerships with other sites, but its reach is not as large as the GDN.

Which platform is right for you?

It is highly recommended to advertise on both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads to reach the largest possible audience and generate the most leads and sales, but your business goals and budget should dictate your decision. If you have a larger budget, consider advertising on both platforms. If you have a smaller budget, focus on one platform..

Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Industry: If you’re in a B2B industry, Microsoft Ads may be a better option due to its targeting features
  • Audience: Google’s user base tends to be more diverse and global, while Bing’s audience skews slightly older and more focused on certain niches.

In summary, whilst there’s no definitive answer on which is best, it all comes down to your business goals and budget!

What are Team Talks?

They are our way of sharing our collective knowledge within the team. We offer a wide range of services so it’s a fantastic way of giving the rest of the team some insight into different parts of what we all do at Copper Bay Digital!

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