Copper Bay Team Talks

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Ronalyn Bentulan

PPC Executive

Copper Bay Team Talks

What are our Team Talks?

They’re a monthly meeting where our whole team gets together to listen and learn from teammates. Once a month one of our team will cover a topic of their choice that’s relevant to the world of digital.

Why do we do Team Talks?

The reason they were created is to encourage internal communication and team collaboration. It’s also a great way that we can learn from one another and take advantage of an individual’s knowledge and experience.

Topic covered this month:

With the planned sunset of Universal Analytics fast approaching, our first session was on GA4 and the impact it will have on marketers and developers.

Led by our Digital Marketing Strategist Joe, he covered some interesting topics such as how Google Analytics 4 will prepare us for a cookie-less future. It instead uses machine learning to track and analyse user behaviour on websites.

Want to learn more about GA4?

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