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Email marketing automation is an extremely effective digital marketing strategy.

It is where marketers and businesses are able to automate particular emails to their mailing lists and customers.

The whole idea of email marketing automation is that you can send automated and personalised emails to both customers and potential customers when certain conditions have been met by the users.

However, don’t forget the people who you email must give explicit consent to be on your marketing lists. This article will highlight some examples of how you may wish to use email marketing automation.

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are probably the most common form of automated emails. These types of emails are usually sent as soon as a user completes a specific action. For example, if they make a purchase, they will be sent an order confirmation, and if they sign up to your account, they’ll again receive a confirmation email.

Transactional emails mean all you have to do is set the template up and let the system do the rest. This makes things a lot less time-consuming. The emails can all be automatically personalised to the specific user and even order.

Re-Targeting Emails

If you need to reach out to a user who may have expressed a lot of interest in your service, for example, adding a product to the basket then you would want to re-engage this user to persuade them to carry out the conversion.

Again, as an example, you could send an email to a user who added a product to their basket two days before to ask them if they still wanted to go ahead.

Nurture Emails

Email marketing isn’t all about getting people to convert. It’s also a great way of increasing loyalty and trust in your customers. So next time you have a person on your marketing list who hasn’t made a purchase in the last three months, why not send them an email offering them 10% off? It’s a great way of building bonds with your customers.

If you would like our help or advice on your email marketing, get in touch today. Our specialised digital marketing team would be happy to help.

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