Digital marketing, for many businesses both big and small around the world, is on the up.

If your business decides to go ahead with a paid advertising campaign to reach your audiences there are lots of options to choose from. However, the most popular platforms remain to be Google ads or Facebook ads. This article will hopefully enlighten you on the key differences between the two.

As a digital agency, we have clients using Facebook ads such as Lewis Pies, We have clients using Google Ads such as Something Different Wholesale and we have clients using both such as Wild & Game. It all depends on your goals as a business and where your target audience is going to be easier to reach.

Search and Social

One of the main differences between Google Ads and Facebook ads is how, why, and when your ads are shown. Facebook ads are known as paid social advertising, meaning that you choose your target audiences, locations, and demographics and then your ads will get shown to those users that fit the description whether they ch0ose for it or not.

Search ads are shown to users who are specifically search for a service or product so they are much more likely to be further down the sales funnel. In order to get your ads shown in the right searches, you will assign your ads specific keywords or phrases that are relevant to what you are offering.


There are several placements your ad will appear on Facebook ads, for example, the newsfeed, stories, or messenger. However, in general, if you are creating a search campaign in Google ads your ads will be a lot less creative and follow the same text-based format as your competitors.

If you would like to discuss the potential options for your business, whether it’s Google ads or Facebook ads or something else, we can help. Get in touch today.