Has Your Google Maps Stopped Working?

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Chris Morledge

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As many of our existing clients know, we have a support team. Meaning any issues our clients have they can submit a ticket, and our team will get back to them.

There is one particular type of enquiry that comes up more often than others and that is Google Maps. Whether it be to change or add a location or it’s simply not working anymore.

When receiving support tickets like this there is a vital key code we need in order to access your maps. However, many of our clients are unaware of where or how to find this key code. This key code is called a Google Maps API key and it must be provided to us by our client.

So, if you’re one of those who haven’t got a clue what an API Key is, we don’t blame you. This article should help you understand firstly, what a Google Maps API Key is and secondly, where to find it.

What is an API key?

While referring to Google Maps, an API key is a uniquley identified code provided to you by Google which allows you to access Google Maps on your website. Google Maps are a great tool for allowing your users to find you and gain directions to your store or office.

Where to find your Google Maps API key?

As mentioned above, before our developers can proceed with your Google Maps enquiry, we need your account’s API key. Below are some instructions provided by Google in order to access your API. We have also thrown a few extra key pointers in to help you out.

  • To retrieve your Google API key, you need to follow the instructions set by Google starting from part 2, “Create a Project
  • When you reach part 3, “Enable one or more APIs or SDK’s”, point 4, “On the Maps page, click the API or SDK you want to enable”, You need to select “Maps JavaScript API” (this is the case for most websites)
  • When you reach part 4, “Get, add, and restrict an API key”, there is no need to worry about the “restrict” part. We just need to create the key and find out what is it, so we can insert it into the right place in your website. To do this, follow these instructions (link). You will only need to carry out the first part “Get the API key”.

If you have any other questions about your Google Maps API key, please get in touch today.

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