Discover the Art of Acquiring Social Proof

Online reviews have taken an important role in the digital world for business, online or offline. They’re able to provide customers with information before they commit to the purchase.

Research has shown that 93% of consumers have said that online reviews influenced their purchase decisions, a high percentage!

So, what is the value of online reviews or social proof?

Increased customer trust

89% of customers actively make an effort to read a review of your company before they make a purchase (Trustpilot, 2020). If the customer can see positive reviews, they are much more likely to continue with their purchase.

Higher Search Rankings

When using review services, such as Google My Business, you are more likely to place higher on google search. Google trusts reviews from customers and will give the impression that you offer high quality services or products.

Social Proof

Online reviews are one of the purest forms of social proof in the digital age. Shoppers are likely to check reviews before committing to a purchase, and if there are a high number of positive reviews they are more likely to be convinced that you are a good business.

What are the most popular online review sites?

There are many sites where you can collect reviews, for example:

  • Google My Business
  • Trust Pilot
  • Facebook

These are just 3 popular sites that get used, both paid and unpaid. Each offers their own unique features, with My Business offering local search ranking, Trustpilot offering a professional and trustworthy platform, and Facebook offering social media awareness.

How do negative reviews affect your business?

Negative reviews can affect your business greatly, with 94% of consumers admitting that a negative review has convinced them to avoid a business.

How do you deal with a negative review? You should respond as quickly as possible and admit any mistake. Things happen and not every customer will be satisfied. Do not be afraid of correcting any inaccurate statements, and don’t write like a robot, be personal and attempt to take the conversation offline.