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Marketing Aid Achieves Record Success For Our Client

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Vicki Nichols

Digital Marketing Lead

Digital Marketing Support Drives Record-Breaking Success for Client

We are thrilled to announce the record-breaking success of our valued client, Atkinson Lewis. As a leading digital agency, we have worked with Atkinson Lewis for the past six months.

We have provided SEO blog optimisation, Google Ads management, and other digital marketing support. We are excited to report that Copper Bay and Atkinson Lewis’ efforts have paid off in a big way.

How we helped Atkinson Lewis achieve record-high figures

Atkinson Lewis approached us to help them increase their online presence with the ultimate aim of driving more MIFAs (Medical Interpretation of Forensic Analysis for Drug and/or Alcohol Testing).

We conducted an analysis of their existing digital marketing strategy and identified areas for improvement. We then created a bespoke digital marketing plan that focused on improving their SEO, Google Ads, and other digital marketing efforts.

How we achieved success through digital marketing

Over the past six months, our team has been working closely with their team to SEO-optimise their blogs and improve their online visibility. We have also managed their Google Ads campaigns to drive more traffic to their website.

Over our time working together, we’re delighted to announce that they’ve experienced improvements to their website metrics. This includes a 76.65% increase in website users and a 72.77% reduction in bounce rates (when comparing the same period to 2021).

We are incredibly proud of this achievement and the hard work that our team and theirs have put in to succeed in their digital marketing goals. This achievement is a testament to the power of effective digital marketing strategies. It also highlights the importance of working with an experienced online marketing agency.

Who is Atkinson Lewis?

Atkinson Lewis is a well-established company in the industry. They have been committed to providing a high-quality service to their clients since 2009.  Providing drug, alcohol and DNA testing for both family courts and individuals. They have a reputation for excellence in their industry.

It’s safe to say that they are thrilled with the results and the impact it has had on their business. They have received a significant increase in traffic to their website, resulting in an increase in client enquiries and ultimately, new business.

“The meetings have been amazing and a great help. I am learning so much but knowing we have your support to guide us is a major bonus and takes a lot of pressure off us.”

Lara Davies – Atkinson Lewis

Could we help you with ongoing marketing?

We look forward to continuing our work with Atkinson Lewis and helping them grow their MIFA numbers. If you are looking to improve your online presence and achieve similar results, please contact us for a consultation.

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