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Meet Ronalyn – our newest paid ads executive

Our newest team member, Ronalyn, has now been with us for a month. It’s been an absolute pleasure having her here for the last few weeks.

Rather than keep her to ourselves, we thought it was time to share her with you. We asked her to look back over her first month to give us a quick snapshot of her time so far.

1. What did you do before joining the team?

Before joining Copper Bay Digital, I worked for a digital agency that focused on offering PPC services. During my time there, I worked with a number of clients across the UK and the USA.

2. What’s something you’ve learned in your first month?

I’ve had the chance to learn about other marketing channels, such as social media marketing. Working closely with the digital marketing team has helped me get experience in new areas of digital marketing.

It’s also given me the opportunity to learn more about GA4 and how this can be used to fuel improved marketing campaigns. This is definitely something I will incorporate into my work moving forward.

3. What are some things you’re proud of accomplishing?

So far, I am most proud of getting my clients’ Bing accounts up and running. I needed to be persistent and continue working and pushing to make sure that the Bing Ads accounts were as successful as possible. This involved looking into what was going well, what could be going better, and how we could further improve their performance.

I’m also proud of being part of a team that is passionate about their work and their clients. Rather than resting on ‘good’ results, they’ve strived to have ‘great’ ones.

4. What excites you most about your new position?

I am most excited about acquiring new skills. At Copper Bay, I am working with highly trained individuals who love what they do. It’s a great opportunity to grow my skillset so that I can offer more to my clients.

I love that I get the opportunity to continue growing and expanding my skill set.I know moving forward I’d love to not just focus on PPC but also learn more about social media, graphic design and SEO.

5. What do you love about working with Copper Bay Digital?

What I love the most about working with copper bay is that they encourage team collaboration. You’re able to work together to strategize and find the best solutions possible for our clients.

Prior to my application at Copper Bay, I was looking for a company that encourages collaboration because it encourages problem-solving, brings new ideas, and allows us to learn from each other.

6. What do you love about working with the Copper Bay clients?

What I love about working with the Copper Bay Clients is that both sides are very involved with each project.

We facilitate open and honest communication where a client can provide feedback and is able to suggest ideas using their experience. I’ve found that it makes for a much better final solution and a positive relationship.

One of my favourite things about this job is the diversity of the work. Each client is different. I love having the opportunity to immerse myself in different industries. It allows me to expand my knowledge and understand the nature of a variety of different fields of work.

“It is great to have Ronalyn join the business to help grow our Paid Marketing service.
Ronalyn already has experience in Bing and Google Ads and is already adding value to client accounts in her first few weeks. “
Chris Morledge, Copper Bay Digital
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