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The Client

Ambulance CPD is a leading membership organisation dedicated to providing continuous professional development (CPD) content tailored for paramedics, emergency technicians, and related professionals. With a commitment to enhancing skills, knowledge, and best practices within the emergency medical services (EMS) community, Ambulance CPD offers a range of specialised resources and training programs.

The Situation

In 2022, Ambulance CPD partnered with our agency to bolster their online presence and engagement through social media platforms, particularly focusing on Facebook.

Despite having valuable CPD content, Ambulance CPD faced challenges in effectively reaching and engaging with their target audience. They sought to increase awareness, attract new members, and foster greater interaction among existing members.

The Thinking

Recognising the importance of targeted digital marketing strategies, we delved into understanding Ambulance CPD’s audience demographics, interests, and online behaviour. Through comprehensive analysis, we identified opportunities to optimise their Facebook presence, leveraging both organic and paid content to maximise reach and engagement.

The Solution

Our approach encompassed a multifaceted strategy tailored to Ambulance CPD’s objectives:

Strategic Content Creation: We curated engaging and informative content aligned with the interests and needs of Ambulance CPD’s target audience. This included CPD updates, industry news, skill-enhancement tips, and success stories.

Facebook Advertising Campaigns: Leveraging the powerful targeting capabilities of Facebook Ads, we designed and implemented targeted campaigns to expand Ambulance CPD’s reach, attract new members, and drive traffic to their website.

Optimised Engagement Tactics: We implemented proactive community management strategies, responding promptly to inquiries, fostering discussions, and encouraging user-generated content to enhance member interaction and loyalty.

The Result

The partnership between Ambulance CPD and our agency yielded significant improvements and measurable results:

56.4% Increase in Overall Reach: Through targeted content and strategic ad campaigns, we successfully expanded Ambulance CPD’s reach, connecting with a wider audience interested in CPD for paramedics and emergency technicians.

151% Surge in Link Clicks: Our efforts led to a substantial increase in engagement, with more individuals clicking on links shared via Facebook, driving traffic to Ambulance CPD’s website and promoting further exploration of their CPD offerings.

50% Decrease in Facebook CPL: The implementation of the Upskill Campaign resulted in a notable reduction in cost per lead (CPL), demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of our targeted advertising efforts in generating quality leads for Ambulance CPD.

Through strategic collaboration and data-driven insights, our partnership with Ambulance CPD continues to drive tangible results, empowering emergency medical professionals with accessible, high-quality CPD resources for continuous growth and excellence in their field.

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