Team Talk: PPC and Modern Search

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Ronalyn Bentulan

PPC Executive


Our July Team Talk

Covering the topic of PPC and Modern Search

Our digital marketing strategist led the talk which focused on a new strategy for PPC called ‘Modern Search’. Its premise is that people have changed the way they search, and so paid ads strategies need to adapt too.

How is it different?

An example of modern search is that a user might search for terms like ‘pet beds’, see a puppy marketplace site and realise they could use it to sell their litter of puppies.

The way that PPC and Modern Search interact is by allowing Google’s AI technologies and machine learning to target users based on their likeliness to convert. Even if they weren’t strictly searching for a keyword that’s directly associated with your services.

After all, does it really matter what a user searches for if they end up converting?

Is PPC and Modern Search good for everybody?

There are real benefits for anybody looking to adopt this strategy, however, to do it well you need a definitive definition of success. This is easier for clients who sell online as you can use revenue as your end goal.

For lead generation, it becomes a little trickier. This is because not every lead will be a valuable one. If you tested out PPC and Modern Search without actually defining what a good lead is, you could be met with lots and lots of spam. This is done by feeding the information back to Google using a CRM about what is defined as a ‘good lead’.

Why do we do Team Talks?

Our team talk meetings are an opportunity to encourage internal communication and share knowledge. From today’s meeting, our marketers were able to view an alternative option for PPC. And for developers, it was interesting to hear more about what a cookie-less future might look like, and mean for them.

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