What was the team talk for September?

Okay, so you might notice that technically the September team talk was actually held in October. But, in our defence – colds are rampant!

Besides, this team talk was definitely worth the wait! Run by our digital lead Chris, it covered the important topic of workplace psychology.


What is workplace psychology?

Simply put, it’s the different psychological things at play at work. Some key things discussed this month were:

  • failure vs. success mindset,
  • imposter syndrome,
  • and psychological safety.

It was definitely a different take on the team talks, but one that I think the whole team appreciated. It led to a group discussion on how we all dealt with imposter syndrome in our daily working lives. And particularly, how working remotely can affect it!

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Why do we do Team Talks?

The reason Team Talks were created was to facilitate discussions across the whole team. And today was a fine example of a successful one. It became a group discussion where we each shared examples, tips and strategies for coping with different psychological stressors in the workplace.

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