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The Power Of A Custom CRM In Improving Your Marketing

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Vicki Nichols

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How a custom CRM can help you transform your marketing

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a powerful tool for businesses.

Not only can it support your marketing efforts, but by keeping track of customer data, interactions, and purchases, it can also provide valuable insights.

The information you gain about customer behaviours and preferences can then be used to inform and improve your marketing strategies and sales tactics.

How bespoke software gives businesses a competitive advantage

What do you mean by ‘custom’ CRM?

As a business, you’ve likely already heard about popular off-the-shelf products. The problem is that those standard products are then sold to thousands of businesses. This means that none of those businesses really find the perfect fit.

By tailoring a custom CRM to the specific needs of a business, you can:
  • Streamline processes,
  • Increase productivity,
  • Boost revenue,
  • Fully integrate with other tools and platforms,
  • Save money long-term with no ongoing licence fees,
  • Automate repetitive tasks,
  • Manage your lead generation better,
  • Segment customers to target groups to drive more successful marketing campaigns,
  • Enable the tracking and measurement of your marketing,
  • And communicate more effectively with customers.

There are many benefits to investing in a custom CRM system. Overall, it’s a wise decision long-term for businesses looking to improve their marketing and stay competitive in today’s market.

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Tips for using your bespoke CRM to improve your marketing efforts

1. Segment your customer data

Use the information collected from your CRM to segment your customers into different groups.

The segmented customers could be grouped by demographics, purchase history, product preferences or even customer types (e.g. individual vs trade accounts).

Doing this enables you to tailor your marketing efforts to make them more personalised. This in turn means that your marketing will increase in effectiveness.

How email segmentation can improve ROI

2. Use marketing automation to your advantage

With a customised CRM, you can choose the features that are included. Marketing automation can help you streamline your marketing efforts.

For example, you can set up automated email workflows to send your customers some relevant offers and nurture leads into becoming customers.

This also means that you’re saving your team valuable time that could be allocated elsewhere. Meaning that your team becomes more efficient and is able to focus their efforts on tasks that cannot be as easily automated.

3. Track and prioritise leads

A key benefit of a bespoke CRM is that you can track customer behaviour the way you need.

This means that you’ll quickly be able to identify the most valuable leads that take actions you deem as desirable e.g. downloading a brochure or signing up for a free webinar.

Once you have scored each lead based on their likelihood of converting, your sales team will then be able to prioritise their follow-ups accordingly.

4. Stay data-driven

Custom CRMs can help improve your marketing efforts, as long as you remain data-driven. The key benefit is having better visibility within the business.

So it’s important to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. You can then adjust your approach accordingly.

5. Measure the success of your campaigns

Having better access to data on how customers interact and convert, you’ll be able to better understand the effectiveness of your marketing.

You can then use this data to improve and optimise your marketing strategies. In turn, this will lead to a better return on investment (ROI).

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Benefits of working with a digital agency for your bespoke CRM

A digital agency can play a critical role in developing and implementing a custom CRM system for your business.

With their expertise in development, design, and marketing, they can help understand the specific needs of your business and create a CRM that’s tailored to them.

They can also support you with the integration of your CRM with other platforms, such as marketing automation software, to enhance its capabilities.

A good digital agency will understand the importance of data-driven decisions. They can work with you to use the insights from your CRM to drive your marketing strategy and ultimately grow your revenue. 

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