Marketing updates and trends in 2023

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What updates in trends should I look out for in 2023?

The world of marketing is forever changing. To make sure you’re making the right marketing decisions and utilising marketing channels fully, you need to keep up with updates and trends as they occur.

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What factors or trends are affecting marketing in January 2023?

1. Cost of living crisis

This will continue to affect businesses regardless of whether they’re luxury brands or not. This should be something to factor into marketing strategies.

2. Increased AI usage in marketing

You’ve likely seen the AI craze sweeping across marketing channels already. Examples of how artificial intelligence is used in digital marketing are content creation, design, and even bidding strategies in paid ads!

3. Instability surrounding Twitter

I feel like I see articles about this topic daily. But the instability is definitely affecting businesses’ marketing strategies regarding Twitter.

4. Rise in behind-the-scenes content

Sneak peeks behind the scenes are being more widely used by brands. They’re a way for brands to build consumer trust by giving a face to the business.

5. ‘New Year, New Me’ trend

Your inbox is probably overflowing with brands utilising the ‘New Year, New Me’ trend that crops up every January.

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Digital Marketing Channel Updates

TikTok Updates

  • Better insights for customers with the introduction of the “why am I seeing this?” button. Users can now see a reason why the videos are being shown on their For You Page (FYP).
  • A new tool for small businesses like the option to add a location tag for better discovery.
  • Make live streams more engaging with the introduction of the “Draw & Guess” game.
Insights from TikTok for 2023:

In their recent report, TikTok released valuable information that brands can use in their 2023 marketing strategy.

Including interesting user stats like the average amount of daily time a user spends on the app (1.5 hours – wow!), and the biggest age category (10-29 year olds at 47% of all users).

TikTok trend predictions for 2023:
  1. Actionable entertainment
  2. Making space for joy
  3. Community Built Ideals

LinkedIn Updates

  • Improved tools and analytics for creators. You can now interact more with your audience as a creator than ever before.
  • Businesses now have the option to display their product offerings better on company pages using the product tab feature. 
  • LinkedIn took note that 2022 saw an increase in casual job searching. They are now testing job collections with certain users. This will now allow them to discover relevant jobs without having to search.

Instagram Updates

  • They’ve recently introduced a brand-new feature where you can share short notes with your mutual followers or “Close Friends” list.
  • You can now target your Instagram followers on Facebook with paid ads.
Instagram’s key focus for 2023:

Released by Adam Mosseri (Head of Instagram), he confirmed that Instagram would be focusing on the following this year:

  1. Inspiring creativity
  2. Discovering new things
  3. Sparking connection

Twitter Updates

  • As well as seeing likes, comments, and shares, users will now be able to see the number of views a tweet gets!
  • Elon Musk has recently confirmed that the character limit will be upped to 4,000! Will we see this change in how brands use it in 2023?
  • “Blue for business” update will make it easier to link personal profiles with a business and take advantage of Blue features like longer video uploads.
  • Swipeable timeline feature saw a name change. You’ll still be able to swipe between algorithm-generated feeds and a chronological feed of accounts you follow, but you’ll see the revised names are “For You” and “Following”.

YouTube Updates

  • To increase the discoverability of YouTube shorts, the channel will now suggest hashtags relevant to the shorts.
  • YouTube has now introduced a new way for creators to get onto the YouTube partner programme. They can now use it if they have over 1,000 subscribers and over 10 million views on their YouTube shorts.
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