The Revolution of Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing has come along leaps and bounds in a mere matter of years.

To say mobile marketing has revolutionised the way users and marketers work and even live would be an understatement. In this article, we explain some of these key factors and the benefits and limitations that come with mobile.


Mobile marketing has been able to provide a broader set of strategies of marketing due to its unique facets. For example, mobile allows a business to achieve increased brand awareness and target a wider audience. It also gives us the option to utilise location-based marketing, obtain user information to measure data. 

Mobile also gives businesses more opportunities to better and more specifically target their desired audiences. It also enables businesses to provide a wider range of opportunities for mobile marketing, for example, unlike with traditional marketing where you target everyone, you’re able to target the specific person based on the device usually being used by a personal single user and our primary use of communication.


However, there are some limitations and barriers that come with mobile. These may be, hardware or lack of device. Some users may not have a mobile device or a device that is compatible with your marketing. Another limitation is connection and data allowance. Sometimes, we are not able to reach our users via mobile due to a lack of connection. For example, in most isolated areas or those who have no access to wifi or mobile data.

Accessibility, font size, text length are all other limitations to be aware of and you must ensure your marketing is suitable or responsive for mobile screens. Human attention spans are increasingly low when it comes to mobile, in order to be effective in mobile marketing it must be ensured that marketing is suited to the mobile device by including short, to-the-point content.


There are many potentials of mobile marketing when it comes to the marketing strategy of a business. For example, the sheer number of people who use and browse on their mobiles for hours a day is extremely high. These users are also usually limited to one user per device meaning that your marketing can be personalised and tailored to one user’s specific needs, wants and makes them a lot easier to track.

Many mobile users have learned to become interdependent on their mobile device with it usually being their main form of communication meaning it is so easy to communicate with your audiences both directly and indirectly via their mobiles.

The mobile world is always changing and evolving and with it, so do the users. As a population, our whole shopping habits have changed in recent years. Now more than ever we are more likely to spend and shop on our mobile as opposed to in-store.

Marketing with mobile also has great potential for brand awareness, your business and brand can now be in various places on your audience’s mobile such as social media, push notification, SMS, email, and Google as opposed to just television adverts or billboards.

Ethical Issues

However, there are a lot of ethical issues surrounding mobile. There are certain regulations and rules a business must follow while using and contacting their target audiences.

Although mobile marketing is great for emerging markets to have a voice and get their brand out there. So as long your business follows all of the guidelines, it is a great way to market your business.

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