The Social Media Trends and Updates for June

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The social media trends and updates that you need to know this month

If you’re managing a business’s social media, then you understand that things are always changing. There are always new trends and new updates to watch out for.

So we’ve put together the social media trends and updates for June that you should know about.

TikTok Trends and Updates:

1. New Search Widget!

In a stroke of genius, TikTok has now made it possible to add a TikTok search widget to your home screen. By making searching on the app more accessible, it’s shown more than ever that they’re looking to compete with search engines!

2. AI ChatBot is Being Tested

Are you one of the lucky few that’s able to test the new ‘Tako’ AI chatbot? The testing so far has been extremely limited, but it is available for users to ask questions in-app.

3. New Mental Health Awareness Hub

Did you see TikTok’s effort for mental health awareness month? To access the hub you need to go to the #MentalHealthAwareness hashtag page and tap on the link in the description. It has a range of information about appropriate topics.

4. Boosting discoverability with in-app prompts for creators

To help its creators, TikTok has begun prompting users to add locations to their videos. Users are also being prompted to add reviews to help business accounts.

Updates for LinkedIn Channel

1. Combatting fake followers

More has been done by the channel to combat fake accounts or bots. You might have noticed that your followers took a little dip, but worry not as it was only fake accounts that were removed.

2. Ability to add verifications to job listings

To help build user trust, the LinkedIn app has now added verifications to job listings. To see the verifications, you only need to click “show verifications” and it will display confirmed ID elements from the business.

3. AI-Generated Posting Prompts

Creators might have noticed that the channel has done more to break down the posting barriers. You’ll now be given AI-generated posting prompts to help you with content ideas!

Instagram Trends and Updates for June

1. Long awaited ability to add GIFS to the comments

I know that I was certainly excited to see this feature being added. It seems that Instagram has now caught up with other platforms and you can now add GIFS to the comments.

2. Rumours of a new text-based app in the works

Surrounding the controversy of Twitter, it appears that Meta has been working on a text-based app with image-sharing capabilities. It’s rumoured to be called ‘Barcelona’ and should be unveiled soon. It’s said to be a simplified version of Twitter.

3. Story scheduling coming soon!

This is definitely another long-awaited social media update! Creators and social media marketers will soon be glad to know that they’ll be able to schedule and post stories with 3rd party apps soon.

Twitter Updates

1. New CEO for Twitter

Ok so this isn’t really a trend or an update, but it is big news. Linda Yaccarino (the new CEO) is said to be focused primarily on business operations, but you do wonder how this will affect the social channel moving forward.

2. Twitter Circles to be retired

There have been huge hints from Musk that this feature will soon be retired.

3. Change in user trends

A recent poll has shown that around 25% of US Twitter users don’t expect to still be using the app in the next 12 months. With around 60% admitting to taking a break from the social channel over the last year.

4. In-app video changes

Twitter Blue subscribers can now upload 2-hour long videos! But this isn’t the only video update, there’s been talk about a native video download from Twitter feature being tested too.

YouTube Updates You Need to Know

1. YouTube stories are being retired

After being launched in 2018, this feature won’t be available after June 26th 2023.

2. Community posts now available on all channels

Opening up another way to interact with their audiences. This feature was originally only for creators with 1,000 subscribers but is now available for all.

Were you surprised by any social media trends and updates for June?

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