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How to make the most of your LinkedIn Business page.

Why is creating a company on LinkedIn important?

Businesses are using their company LinkedIn to gain access to target customers, potential business opportunities, top candidates, and researching their competition.

LinkedIn’s lead generation as a channel surpass other social media. It was found to be 277% more effective at generating leads than other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions offers a wide range of options for promoting your products, services, or company online.

Thanks to COVID, there was a huge push towards digital webinars and online networking. Now more than ever it’s become more important to be present online and have a following on LinkedIn. Especially for companies operating B2B.

LinkedIn Business accounts that stand out get noticed.

Tips on How to improve LinkedIn Profiles

1. Describe what you do.

This might seem obvious but making sure your keywords are present in your description is crucial. LinkedIn offers a search bar where users can search for what they’re looking for. So, you need to make sure that your Company LinkedIn page shows up.

However, you need to balance functionality (inserting keywords) with creativity by delivering it in a memorable way. The first 156 characters will be visible on a Google Search results page – so it’s important to get your message across quickly.

2. Plan Engaging Content

Content used on other social channels can be replicated for use on LinkedIn. However, you need to make sure that it suits your company voice. After all, LinkedIn is a professional networking site.

Planning eye-catching and interesting content will help you remain visible on the channel. Consistent posting helps up the odds that your posts will get in front of your target audience.

Although don’t repeat content whenever possible. It’s good to have a balance of company updates, industry news, opinion pieces, advice content as well as sharing other LinkedIn profiles content.

3. Keep consistent

Using the same logo on your website and social can help improve trust as customers recognise your brand. Don’t forget to make sure that your cover image represents what you want your business to say.

Brand voice is also important. Your posts need to be consistent in delivering who you are as a brand. Your target audience should be able to easily understand your core message.

4. Company Culture is key for recruitment

You need to sell more than what you do if you’re looking to attract top candidates. You need to sell who you are as a business. Showcasing your personality and the culture of the company is a great way to stand out from two dimensional companies.

Company culture is expressing a company’s internal values, attitudes, and behaviours towards their employees. Getting your existing staff involved is a perfect way to show potential recruits what they can expect if they work for you.

5. Promote, promote, promote.

Showcasing your biggest assets on LinkedIn’s “showcase pages” is a perfect way to promote the different services and products you offer as well as your team!

Encouraging existing staff members to share company posts is a great way of promoting the business. People are more likely to trust recommendations if they come from people they know.

LinkedIn also offer a paid way of boosting posts to increase the reach of your posts. Paid promotion is perfect to get your posts in front of new people.

6. Use Rich Media Right

You need to stand out quickly as people scroll through their timelines. Using rich media is a great way of doing that.

Opting for eye-catching visuals is usually the best way of jumping out at the user. A variety of media can be used dependent on the content (for example images, videos and infographics).

LinkedIn Digital Marketing shouldn’t be ignored.

It can be a powerful Digital Marketing tool. Hopefully these LinkedIn tips have helped show how to improve your LinkedIn profile.

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