What a difference a Digital Agency makes  

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Vicki Nichols

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The benefits of a digital agency

It can be cost-effective, time-efficient and helps elevate your digital presence.

To get the same service internally you’d need to pay at least 3 full-time members. You’d need a confident and experienced developer, a talented designer and an educated digital marketer with experience getting results.

On top of those 3 full-time salaries, you’d also need to think about the time you’d need to dedicate to making sure to decode the data.

Why choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

1. Expert, reliable, and measurable progress

Here at Copper Bay, we believe in being transparent and measurable with our expertise. Whether it’s setting up Google Analytics so that you can track how your users are interacting with your pages.

Or preparing bespoke dashboards to track digital marketing accomplishments. We believe in making sure the data is readable and clear. Data is only powerful if you know how to read it.

2. Less pressure on your team’s time

You and your team can focus on what you do best in your chosen industry. With us handling what we do best, your team is free to convert the customers that we are driving to you.

We have the time to dedicate to things like mapping out user journeys, optimising the user interfaces and reviewing call-to-actions for improved conversions.

These things often take years to learn and understand. Let us do what we do best.

3. Stay relevant with fresh new ideas

We will manage your account proactively, suggesting amendments to your website or campaigns to improve the overall results.

As part of our work, we regularly conduct competitor and industry research to stay ahead of your competition.

4. Scale-up your business

A key benefit of a digital marketing agency is that they’re great for online growth and scalability. Utilising a marketing agency means that there is no pressure on your current team’s resources.

We can work with you as your business continues to grow. We will be flexible, working to support you as you scale up your business and contract with us.

Grow your business today with a digital agency.

Contact us today to get started. To view some of our results, click here.

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