Our regular guide to your October Social Media Updates!

It can feel impossible to try and keep up to date on what’s happening with social media. There are always updates or trends that you need to know about!

So we’ve put together our handy little guide to cover the important updates that you need to know about!


The most recent updates

LinkedIn Updates:

LinkedIn1. Huge focus on AI and Chat GPT in content

There’s been a huge trend in content recently surrounding AI and Chat GPT. With LinkedIn reporting a huge 33x more posts of this type on there!

 2. New features introduced!

The platform has recently released many new features including:

  • a search function for branded partnerships to boost creator engagement,
  • AI-powered search filtering,
  • and the “account IQ” feature which highlights company information.
3. Study shows LinkedIn is a great channel for promoting luxury goods

A recent study has shown that LinkedIn is being used as an advertising channel for luxury goods (2023). It has highlighted tips that are relevant to all industries.

Check out the report



TikTok Updates:

tiktok1. Strengthening ties to music industry

To strengthen its ties to the music industry, Tiktok has announced its partnership with Billboard for a new music chart.

2. The Creativity Program is expanded to more countries

To offer more creators opportunities and incentives it’s begun expanding the countries that the programme is offered in.

3. Rumoured changes to messaging and engagement features

Although nothing has been confirmed. There are rumours at play that there will be new messaging and engagement features.


X/Twitter Updates:


1. Will ‘X’ cost in the future?

To help reduce bots, there’s been a rumour about needing to pay for the platform. But this could see a drastic fall in memberships.

2. Extended bio experiment

Recently the platform has been spotted experimenting with an extended profile bio section. You will see a ‘view more’ button for added context.


Threads Updates:


1. Has the hype died down?

Although they’ve recently launched on desktop, there’s been a continual drop in daily users since launch.

Could this be the end for Threads?

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