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Why work with a Digital Marketing agency over hiring in-house

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Vicki Nichols

Digital Marketing Lead

In the last 2 years, there has been an increasing need for Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing has always been important as it’s connected businesses with their target audiences.

It’s taken the message to where their consumers spend much of their time – online!

The change in consumer shopping trends has meant that many businesses have needed to take a look at their online presence to assess if it’s good enough.

With 81% of us admitting that they always do their research online before committing to big purchases – it’s never been so crucial to get your messaging right.

So, that leads you to start the search for digital marketing support.

The problem is – hiring internally is expensive.

For a full-time member of staff, you’re looking at an average salary of £22,156 for entry-level positions in digital marketing according to Indeed. With more experienced and highly skilled marketers usually earning more.

Working with a digital agency can give you access to talented digital marketers, without the hefty price tag! Meaning that more of the revenue you make becomes profitable.

Everything under 1 roof

Digital Marketing agencies usually have a variety of team members who all bring unique skills, knowledge, and experience to the table.

For example, here at Copper Bay we have a diverse team of Digital Marketers, Digital Strategists, Designers and Developers experienced at system builds, mobile apps, and websites.

Click here to see some of our recent work.

So, working with a digital marketing agency usually means you won’t need to worry about sourcing other digital experts.

Find which Digital Marketing service works for your business

The service used needs to make sense for your business. Social Media Marketing is great for driving awareness and even customer retention, but if your target audience are people 70+ then you may find better results with Paid Ads or SEO.

Here at Copper Bay, we are happy to use our industry knowledge and experience to guide you towards making the right choice.

We have expert team members in all areas of Digital Marketing. Including Paid Ads, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Writing, Digital Strategy, Marketing Automation and Email Marketing.

Free up your time to focus on your business

Finding the right person for any position can be difficult and time-consuming. From putting together the job advert and wading through candidate applications, to scheduling and holding interviews. Even if you get lucky and find the perfect candidate quickly the first time you are looking, you’ll still need to allow them time to work their notice.

And then, once they start the position, time to learn about your company, brand and maybe even industry.

Let a Digital Marketing agency lift the burden from your shoulders. This way you’ll be able to turn your attention towards improving areas of your business.

Fresh ideas fuelled by industry knowledge

An agency will be in the unique position of understanding your business and brand, whilst also seeing you from a customer perspective.

This means they’re more likely to be able to offer new and exciting ideas and feedback that you might not have considered.

A small change to your website may be getting in the way of converting your traffic. It can be surprising how much of a difference an amendment can make. In our experience, it can take a business from struggling to bring in revenue to thriving.

Access to valuable marketing tools

There are a variety of marketing tools available designed to make your marketing better. Like custom reporting dashboards to digest social media success.

Or SEO auditing and keyword researching tools to get a deeper understanding of the health of your organic ranking and provide areas needing improvement.

There are even tools designed to save your team valuable time, like social media scheduling tools to publish content to multiple channels.

All these tools, although worth it, usually come with a subscription price. Using a digital marketing agency means you reap the benefits of the tools, without having to pay out.

So, what is right for me?

Well, it’s really unique to your situation. If you’re able to afford the time investment and costs of hiring an internal digital marketing employee or team then great. If not, then an agency is a great solution.

It’s also not unheard of to have a healthy mixture of both. It means you’ll get the benefit of both sides.

Looking to get a new perspective on your marketing or website?

Let us help you find where your next opportunity could be! Contact us today to request a free call back.

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