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February Digital Marketing Updates you Need to Know!

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Vicki Nichols

Digital Marketing Lead

Social Media and Marketing Updates for February

February has been quite a big month for digital updates, particularly social media updates.

This blog will look at some of the most important marketing updates and trends that businesses should be aware of.

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Social Media Updates for February 2023:

LinkedIn February Updates and Trends:

  • You can now update normal photo carousels! This update is being rolled out gradually, but it means you won’t have to upload a PDF to get the carousel function.
  • There have been some updates to support mailing list and newsletter growth. Including introducing a subscriber button for creators on their profiles.

LinkedIn is also celebrating a record-high number of users, with 900 million worldwide members. So, if LinkedIn isn’t part of your social media strategy, it might be worth considering.

TikTok Updates and Trends:

  • The “de-influencing” trend has been sweeping newsfeeds, where influencers are letting people know which products aren’t worth the hype!
  • You are finally able to edit posts within the first 7 days of being published. So you can now update hashtags to take advantage of trends that have begun since your post was uploaded.
  • TikTok carousel videos are gaining huge momentum, with creators reporting great levels of engagement on these!
  • Talk about an auto-scroll feature that will automatically move to the next video in their feed. This is being gradually rolled out but can be accessed by holding down your finger on a video and selecting the ‘Auto scroll’ option.
  • Improvements are being made to the TikTok keyword research area, which provides you with trending search terms to use.

Overall, TikTok has had many updates which will benefit not just its users but also its creators.

Instagram Updates and Trends:

  • Instagram notes are now live! You’ve probably already seen this feature where you can upload a short note viewable in messages. Will your company be using this?
  • Talk about rolling out lead generation forms to capture contact details within the app!
  • Announcement of quiet mode which will encourage users to take a break from the app. When this is turned on, you won’t receive any notifications.

In particular, we think that quiet mode will affect how businesses market to their target audience. For example, you might be scheduling your posts during your peak user hours, only to find that most are in quiet mode!

Twitter Updates and Trends:

  • Thanks to recent paid partnership policy updates, all paid partnerships on the app must have a clear ad disclosure. This is regardless of where you’re posting from.
  • Tweet limits have now been raised to 4,000 characters. What will this mean for the channel that’s famous for short and snappy updates?
  • You can now quickly boost posts without needing to create an entire ad campaign.

It’ll be interesting to see whether brands that are big on Twitter will change their approach to tweets and use more characters.

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Other updates and trends to consider:

Using AI:

There has been so much talk about AI tools that can help support marketing, but should you use them?

Many big-name tools like ChatGPT can help you streamline aspects of marketing. However, they require human input and moderation. As many prominent creators have shared jokingly, there have been ‘hallucinations’ where ChatGPT has seemingly invented a fact that sounds logical.

Event Marketing Changes:

The pandemic has changed how we approach events and we’ve seen a real shift in how they’re marketed. Many big brands are now offering hybrid events, where users can choose whether to attend virtually or in person.

Chatbot Popularity has increased:

Another one of the key marketing updates is that Chatbot technology has gradually improved over the last few years and now Chatbots make up a large sector of customer service for businesses.

After all, it’s a convenient way to be able to quickly solve the most common problems and questions of your customers. And the great thing is that it’s there every day. Even when your staff are off.

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