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How You Can Help Your Small Business During Lockdown

Vicki Nichols - Thumbnail

Vicki Nichols

Digital Marketing Lead

It’s no secret that the effects of COVID 19 have left many of our small local businesses in a worrying position throughout the past year.

Digital marketing and other digital investments have grown over the past year as businesses understand the need to evolve with the times and grow their digital presence.

However, there are some things you can do in order to stay relevant and most importantly stay in business during lockdown.


Innovation is crucial during these times. As you may have seen, for example, many local restaurants are now operating on a takeaway system. You may not have offered takeaways in the past but now is a perfect time to give it a go. The same goes for other shops where you may be able to offer a click and collect service.

Be Social

It’s very important to maintain your social presence. If you haven’t been too present on social media platforms previously, now is a perfect time. Keep your posts consistent and relevant, this will encourage users to engage with your posts.

Encourage Others

Encourage your existing clients to leave reviews online for others to see. This will help your business gain the trust of potential clients and customers.

You can also encourage existing customers and your family and friends to share your social media pages and posts to encourage more interaction on your social media channels meaning they have more chance of being seen by more people users and in turn increasing your brand visibility.

If you’ve tried all of these recommendations and still feel you’re ready to push to the next level get in touch with our digital team today and we will help you innovate and digitally grow your business during lockdown.

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