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Industry Leaders Are Thrilled With Their New Web-App For Vehicle Management

Vicki Nichols - Thumbnail

Vicki Nichols

Digital Marketing Lead

Raven Delta Group web-app preview

With success and rapid growth, RDM (part of the wide Raven Delta Group) faced the challenge of manual processing. They wanted to move away from doing things manually as it was becoming overwhelming for their staff to manage.

Instead, they were looking for a secure online environment for their teams to access and manage their fleets. They knew they needed something custom-built and not off-the-shelf to help their business. This is why they came to us.

How we helped RDM future-proof their business

In 2022, Chris Jenkins (Design Manager at RDM) reached out to Copper Bay Digital to help address their problem. It was then that Chris and Vicki worked together to identify a solution.

Following detailed documentation of the areas required, we could see that the custom solution needed areas that RDM could expand on and manage themselves.

Once the specification was approved, our team designed and developed a branded web-app to manage RDM’s vehicle fleet and documentation.

“We have enjoyed working with Copper Bay Digital on our project. The team has been friendly and responsive throughout, and we are really pleased with our new fleet management web-app. All our objectives have been exceeded, and our team is thrilled.”

Chris Jenkins, Design Manager at RDM Electrical & Mechanical Services
Streamlining data management with an innovative solution!

By focusing on RDM’s initial requirements, we specified the key deliverables with expansion in mind. This ensured that they would be able to have areas that are expandable to support future growth.

The bespoke web-app for vehicle fleet management is accessible from any device via a browser. This enables management and employees to oversee their fleet of vehicles and related documentation from anywhere.

About RDM Electrical & Mechanical Services

Originally set up as RDM Electrical & Mechanical Services in 1988, they are now part of the wider Raven Delta Group. Raven Delta Group is an innovative, high-quality, multi-faceted group of companies including DRS FM Services and EFT Consult. They provide full building and mechanical services solutions.

They have worked on a number of projects around the UK, including school & university buildings to hospitals & accommodation.

Could we help your business?

As a digital agency, we value our partnerships with organisations like RDM that strive for success. Over the last 14 years, we’ve had the privilege of working with numerous clients to support their growth.

An example of this is when we worked with a leading company to enhance their website and portal. This was done to streamline the running of their business and make them more efficient. We also capitalised on an opportunity to add to their revenue.

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