Digital Retainer Packages: Tailored Support for Your Business

A digital retainer package can be the ultimate secret weapon for businesses. In a competitive digital world, maintaining a cutting-edge website or system is crucial for sustained success.

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What is a digital retainer?

Simply put, it’s a service that allows you access to a skilled team of developers, designers and digital experts. How you use it depends on the nature of your business and the digital tools you need support in.

The concept is simple yet effective: pay a monthly fee in exchange for a predetermined number of hours. These hours, versatile, and at your disposal throughout the year, empower you to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with confidence.

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Real Examples of How our Clients use it

As explained above, how you use it really depends on you. So we’ve put together a few examples of how some of our clients use it to support their business.

1. Forever Puppy – Continue elevating their website

As a long-term client, it made sense for Forever Puppy to take advantage of our new digital retainer packages. We’ve worked with them in the past to develop a website, app and regularly on their digital marketing.

Primarily, they choose to use their retainer to help grow their business and website. This includes adding new features to assist with things like security, showcasing their benefits or even making more standard updates.

As a result, their website looks fresh even though it was designed and launched over 2 years ago. They’ve quickly risen in popularity and are now an industry leader because they’ve shown that they listen to their audience.

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2. Davies Crane Hire – Supporting them with a newly launched system

Davies Crane is a big name in the crane hire industry. As a result, their staff base has grown quickly and they needed a tool to help manage company communications, training, rota submissions and holiday approval.

Their newly launched system was also upgraded to include a special area for their customers and suppliers. This has dramatically eased the burden on their administration team by streamlining processes.

Davies Crane Hire primarily uses their retainer package to help support them and their team with a newly launched system. This includes making tweaks or amendments per staff request or general support on the best way to use their new digital system.


3. YEPS – Use it as a support package for their app and website

YEPS has recently undergone a rebranding process where they revamped their existing website and launched a brand new mobile app. We’ve also worked with them in the past to create promotional and training assets to aid in the launch of their new app.

Primarily, YEPS use its retainer package for website support. So if any bugs crop up unexpectedly they have the comfort of knowing that they’ve got a team of experts ready to help! They also took advantage of their retainer to set up their new Google Analytics 4.


4. West Coast (who trade as Data Select)- Focused on ensuring their portal is a success

As a large organisation, they needed a custom retainer package to suit their needs. They opted for one because they wanted access to their own dedicated development team to continually improve their client portal. This way they’d be able to offer improved customer service and increase revenue.


5. Divorce Centre – Supporting a newly launched website

We often see many of our clients take out their digital retainer to help support a website launch. And Divorce Centre were no exception! They were quick to take advantage of our retainer to help the launch of their website. They now have peace of mind knowing they have the support of our team of expert developers and marketers to continually improve and manage their website.

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