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Ronalyn Bentulan

PPC Executive

May Team Talk

What exactly is a ‘Team Talk’?

It’s basically an informal monthly meeting where our team take turns to present on a topic of their choice. They could be talking about anything within the world of digital, from a day in life as a project manager to the future of WordPress.

Why did the Team Talks start?

Our team has so much combined knowledge that we wanted to share that internally. It’s also a really great way to understand your team’s work and facilitate internal communication across departments.

This is our fifth one, and so far we’ve covered:
  • GA4: How it affects developers and marketers
  • The future of AI and how it can be used
  • All about WordPress: Where it Started and Where it’s Going
  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • All about SEO

We are so excited to see what our next one will be!

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What was May’s Team Talk about?

Conducted by our digital lead Chris Morledge, he focused on the world of SEO. Including covering the basics of what it is and how we could incorporate SEO tactics into our everyday jobs.

He also discussed the potential future of SEO and how AI will affect it in years to come.

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