June Team Talk

What are they?

Our monthly Team Talk group calls allow team members to take turns presenting on digital topics they’re interested in. They promote positive communication between departments and provide an enjoyable way to learn about new subjects.

Topic covered this time:

This month focused on scope creep. But what is Scope creep? In web development, it is when new features, functions, or requirements keep getting added beyond what was initially planned.

It can occur due to client requests, changing needs, or unclear project requirements. Scope creep can lead to project delays, higher costs, and conflicts among stakeholders.

Our Web Development Project Manager, Christine, led this month’s team talk. She discussed the crucial role of preventing scope creep in web development projects, emphasising its significance in ensuring project efficiency and avoiding delays and cost overruns.

To manage scope creep, effective communication, clear project documentation, and a disciplined approach to change control are necessary to keep project goals and timelines on track

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