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The Social Media Updates and Trends To Know for August

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Social media updates and trends for August

As a marketer or business owner, it’s really important to try to stay up to date with the trends. This way you’ll be able to remain competitive and relevant. A company that keeps its ear to the ground for the latest trends for example is far more likely to get momentum across the social channels than one that doesn’t.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the recent updates and trends to watch out for on TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and beyond.

The updates you need to know

Twitter Updates

The X Era Begins: Twitter Transitions to New X Moniker

The X era has commenced as Twitter undergoes a transformation. They’ve changed their name to X and gradually replaced the iconic bird logo with the new X moniker (actually created by a fan).

Elon Musk has been quoted saying he considers it an interim branding measure. The app’s desktop version now features the X icon in the top left and the sign-up screen has also been updated to reflect the new logo.

The X era brings a wave of new features and the change of name may serve a legal purpose. Possibly allowing for separation from the previous version of Twitter. The transformation will unfold over the coming weeks as Twitter officially transitions into the Elon-centric era of X.

TikTok Updates:

Text Posts Now Available for All Users

TikTok is making a comeback in the world of literature! It announces the availability of text posts for all users on the app. This new feature allows users to share text-only updates displayed in a format similar to Instagram Stories.

Users can:
  • add music,
  • stickers,
  • customise background colour,
  • text fonts,
  • and placement within the frame.

With a character limit of 1,000, creators can now share their stories, poems, lyrics, and written content. It’s an additional way that the social media channel is providing self-expression. Text posts are expected to be a more engaging format for word-based updates. Possibly giving camera-shy creators a chance to build an audience?

The new ‘text’ option will be accessible from the camera tools. Users can include tags and hashtags to connect with other elements of the app, opening up new possibilities for interaction and creative expression on TikTok.

Updates for LinkedIn Channel

Monetisation Options for Creators with Collaborative Posting and Analytics Sharing!

LinkedIn has been actively working on its ‘Creator Mode’ tools to support influencers and experts on the platform. They are now exploring ways to provide direct monetisation opportunities. Including collaborative posting options for brands and influencers to share insights on ad campaigns.

This move aligns LinkedIn with other apps’ creator approaches. It also opens up new possibilities for targeted brand promotion and revenue generation for influencers. As the platform evolves, it aims to encourage top users to post more frequently.

Instagram Trends and Updates for August

Enhanced Reels with New Template Browser

Instagram is making it easier for users to create better Reels by introducing a new and improved Template Browser. The feature allows users to discover and use templates based on high-performing short-form clips, categorised as ‘Recommended’, ‘Trending’, and saved templates.

Instagram plans to improve the template editing process by automatically adding:
  • audio,
  • number of clips,
  • duration,
  • AR effects,
  • text,
  • and transitions used in the original reel.

While replicating popular clips with the ‘Use Template’ button can provide inspiration, standing out and gaining attention often requires a unique spin or format.

Other Social Media Channel Updates

Threads Updates You Need to Know

Introduces ‘Following’ Feed & Twitter-Like Features Amidst Twitter Rebrand

In response to the recent confusion surrounding Twitter’s rebrand as X, Meta’s Threads app is capitalising on the opportunity to attract new users looking for an alternative social media experience. Threads have introduced a new ‘Following’ feed, complementing the main ‘For you’ stream. This allows users to view content exclusively from the profiles they follow.

This addition addresses past issues where users had to sift through unfamiliar accounts, enhancing the overall user experience. Threads also now offer post translations and various sorting options for the ‘Activity’ feed. Making it more Twitter-like and appealing to those seeking a refreshed social media platform.

Discord Updates:

While new social media platforms are frequently being released, one particular platform is gaining significant traction

Discord is a popular voice, video, and text chat application utilized by tens of millions of individuals aged 13 and above, allowing them to communicate, socialize, and connect with their communities and friends.

Marketers can use Discord to engage with communities, share updates, offer customer support, provide exclusive content, collaborate with influencers, encourage user-generated content, host contests, conduct market research, promote events, and analyse data for effective marketing strategies.

Did any social media updates in August catch you by surprise?

And what are your thoughts on Twitter’s rebranding to X?

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