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The Social Media Updates and Trends To Know for July

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Social media updates and trends for July

It can be tough to keep up to date with the ever-revolving world of social media trends and updates. So whether you’re a social media manager or a business owner trying to go it all, we’ve got you covered!

Here are the social media channel feature updates and trends you need to know about.

TikTok Trends and Updates:

1. Wave goodbye to TikTok Now!

This feature has now been axed. So whether you were a lover or a hater of the TikTok version of be real, it’s time to wave farewell.

2. Creative Challenge is Launched

In a bid to support creators, there is now a feature that allows TikTok creators to submit videos for brand challenges and receive rewards based on the performance of the video.

At the moment this is only for US-based accounts that are 18+ and have at least 50,000 followers. But this could be something that both brands and creators can take advantage of in the UK soon.

3. Published a set of codes for success

TikTok has been renowned by marketers for their approach to transparency in terms of succeeding on their social media platform. Their latest way to help creators and brands alike was to publish a set of creative codes. Basically, it consists of 6 essential elements to consider in your approach to TikTok.

TikTok codes for success:
  1. TikTok first: creative content for Tiktok and not just repurposing Instagram Reels.
  2. Trends: Take advantage of them.
  3. Production: Make sure that your video doesn’t look too different from any other platform.
  4. Structure: Make sure you have a good hook to start.
  5. Stimulation: After your powerful start, follow it up with editing techniques to keep users entertained and hooked.
  6. Sound: Whether you’re using trending sounds or your own, make them count.

Updates for LinkedIn Channel

1. Popular features have been axed!

In a surprising twist, they’ve removed the popular new function to create native carousels, profile videos and in-image links. However, you can still create carousels using a PDF document.

2. Changes to the app interface

To help prioritise engagement, changes have been made to both company and personal pages. You can now filter notifications by “all”, “my posts” or “mentions”.

3. Even more AI!

LinkedIn has really led the way in terms of the inclusion of AI features for a social media platform. After the success of their AI prompts experiment, they’ve now begun looking into AI-crafted profile summaries and more. One of the particular social media updates we are curious about is the AI assistant that’ll provide quick answers to questions in your messages.

Instagram Trends and Updates for July

1. New Updates to the Instagram Algorithm

Instagram has recently released insights into how their algorithm really works. And one of the most surprising reveals is that there’s no single algorithm for the platform as a whole. This means that you’ll need separate strategies for the feed, explore page and stories!

2. Updates to content publishing API

They’ve thankfully listened and made it easier to get ahead of your content if you use 3rd party platforms. Some of the changes to the API include user-tagging, renaming audio for reels and the daily post per account limit increased.

3. Changes to both reels and broadcast channels

Public reels can now be downloaded by anybody and broadcast channels are available to all creators, regardless of their following.

Twitter Updates

1. Talks about more control options being available to combat message spam

You’ll likely be excited about this social media update if you run a busy Twitter account. Recently they’ve been talking about giving users more control over who exactly can message them within the app!

2. Updates to prevent trendjacking

Brands who look to gain ‘free advertising’ from trend jacking via Tweet replies could now risk suspension. Twitter has confirmed that any out-of-context tweets will be closely monitored.

3. Twitter Recruitment Experiment

After a screenshot was shared by app researcher Nima Owji, it appears that job listings will be available on Twitter soon! This could be huge as currently, most brands utilise LinkedIn for job applications. This is said to be part of Elon Musk’s vision to make Twitter an ‘everything’ platform.

YouTube Updates You Need to Know

1. A/B Testing for Thumbnails

This YouTube update could make a huge difference for brands as a new tool is talked about called ‘Test and Compare’. The tool will allow you to A/B test multiple thumbnails to see which drives the best reach and engagement. It’s said to be coming soon.

2. New eligibility for YT Creator Programme

The new eligibility has been released for YT’s programme. You now need to have at least 500 subscribers, to have made at least 3 public uploads in the last 90 days and to have either 3,00 watch hours (in last year) or 3M short views (last 90 days).

Other Social Media Updates and Trends

  • Time spent on social media across Europe has dropped! In the UK, the average time spent scrolling fell from 1 hour 52 to 1 hour 46. Could this be a sign that change is on the horizon?
Were you surprised by any social media updates for July?

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