20 Easy Ways to Increase Website Conversions

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Simple Ways to Improve Your Website Conversions

As a business increasing website conversions is a crucial strategy. After all, the more website conversions you get the more revenue you’ll be generating.

However, the actuality of trying to increase website conversions isn’t quite as easy. This is why we’ve put together 20 simple strategies for you to work on.

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Website Conversion Boosting Tips

1. Drive more traffic

Use a variety of methods to push more qualified traffic to your website. This in turn will naturally generate more website conversions than you’re currently seeing.

Good channels to use are paid methods like PPC or social ads as you’ll be able to segment your targeting to make sure the right people see your ads.

Using social media to drive more website traffic

2. Offer a secondary conversion

This might seem counterintuitive at first, but offering a secondary conversion can actually lead to an increase in website conversions long term.

This is because not everybody is ready to buy straight away, but they might be open to downloading a brochure or receiving a discount code. This then helps you collect valuable customer data so that you can keep in contact with them until they’re ready to convert.

3. Incentivise converting

Although this sounds obvious, it’s often something that’s easily misunderstood. Offering an incentive to convert could be offering exclusive content in exchange for them subscribing to a newsletter, or even a discount code for buying.

4. Improve your CTAs

Place prominent and compelling calls to action (CTAs) throughout your website. Use action-oriented language and design buttons that stand out. Make it easy for visitors to take the desired action.

5. Monitor stats for bottlenecks

Analyse your website’s performance and user journey to pinpoint areas where bottlenecks may occur. Focus on page load times, server response times, and high-traffic pages that may experience slowdowns. Improving the pages which seem to cause users to drop out can dramatically increase website conversions.

6. Use persuasive copy

A common mistake we see is people focusing on the specifics of a service or product, rather than the benefits. Use persuasive and emotive language to sell your product/service and you’re guaranteed to see more website conversions.

7. Include social proof

Social proof is a great way of inspiring trust in new and existing customers. Using things like case studies, testimonials and real stats goes a long way to promoting the benefits of your products or services.

8. Improve your website speed

Did you know that a website load speed of longer than 3 seconds could cause you to lose over half of your users? Making even seemingly small improvements to your load speed can have a dramatic impact on your conversion rate.

9. Improve your paid adverts

A good way to increase website conversions is to improve the methods of driving traffic to your site. For example, using ad extensions can dramatically improve your conversion rate. Alternatively, improving your targeting can be another way of using PPC to sell more.

10. Simplify the conversion process

Having a long or complicated buying process will put some people off. So simplifying or shortening it can increase website conversions by making it easier to convert.

11. Utilise exit-intent pop-ups

This is where you set pop-ups to appear when a user completes an action associated with trying to leave your site. For example, if they move their mouse outside of the window then you could have a pop-up message show to offer them a brochure download or a discount before leaving.

It’s a great strategy for making the most of every user. Although not everybody will convert through the exit-intent pop-up, you will still capture a handful who would otherwise have left without interacting.

12. Conduct A/B testing

Testing out variations to different elements can help you identify the perfect mix to encourage conversions. An example of something you could test is different CTAs to see which leads to more website conversions. You can then adopt the winning variation as the permanent CTA.

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13. Use scarcity and urgency to your advantage

This is where you create a sense of urgency by incorporating elements like limited-time offers, countdown timers, or stock availability notifications. It can lead to higher website conversions by encouraging users to act quickly or risk losing out.

14. Leverage social media integration

Integrate social media buttons and sharing options to encourage visitors to spread the word about your brand and offerings. Social media engagement can drive traffic, expand your reach, and generate conversions.

15. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

This is a huge one! Most users now will browse at least initially on a mobile device, so you need to make sure your website caters to that. If not you could be putting a huge percentage of users off unknowingly.

How to use mobile-optimisation to improve your website conversion rate

16. Use abandoned cart emails

If you aren’t making use of abandoned cart emails, you need to be. This is where you contact a user who has begun adding things to their basket but hasn’t completed a purchase.

It’s particularly powerful as you’re targeting people who are already interested in buying from you. This is a great way to draw people back to your website to convert. Sometimes it can be useful to offer small discounts on the basket to encourage people to finish buying.

17. Use gated content

This is a particularly powerful strategy if you’re a lead gen-focused company. This is where you offer valuable content in exchange for contact information. You can then continue engaging with this contact until they’re ready to buy.

18. Use marketing automation to nurture leads

This is a particularly useful tactic if you get a lot of leads and don’t have the time to actively nurture each one. People will often need multiple marketing touchpoints before they’re ready to convert, so utilising marketing automation does this without your team having to invest their time heavily.

Easy ways to engage customers using marketing automation

19. Improve your website’s navigation

There’s no way users will be able to convert if they get lost in your site’s navigation. So simplifying and improving it goes a long way to increasing website conversions.

20. Make sure you use high-quality visuals

Using low-quality or blurry images is one of the quickest ways you can put someone off buying. It will cause most of your audience to assume that your product/service is also of low quality.

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