If you’re asking the question ‘Do I need a website?’, the answer is almost always yes.

But it’s important to make sure that any website development or web design is done with an experienced digital agency.

Website purposes are no longer simple – they are now important on many different levels.

Make great first impressions

As many customers now mainly order things online, websites have become online shopfronts. They are your first chance to make a good impression to convert a browser into being a customer.

And with more companies turning online to promote their businesses during lockdown, it’s important to stand out. This is where custom web design can help you stand apart from your competition.

First impressions are crucial. Whether you’re a small or big business, a good website design is important.

Business lead generators

Websites are important lead generation tools. They are a way to  increase brand awareness and collect valuable contact details.

This can be done with a well thought out designs showcasing prominent ‘Call-To-Actions’ (where you urge the customer to take action e.g. contact us now) or with a number of digital marketing strategies such as ‘lead magnets’.

It can provide your sales team with high-quality qualified prospects. They will be easier for your team to convert into customers. Which means profit for your business.

mobile moments - user searching on a mobile phone

Take advantage of mobile moments

With 84% of UK adults owning a smartphone, mobile users will make up a large portion of your website views. The surge of smartphone ownership has led to customers who want things immediately. And when they want things, they turn to their mobile phones.

Don’t lose out on those valuable business leads by not having a mobile optimised website. A web design agency should make ensure that your website has a mobile responsive web design.

Did you know? 57% of internet users refuse to recommend businesses that have a poorly designed website on mobile.

brand trust credability

Build brand credibility and ensure trust

If you have a high quality custom web design, website viewers will naturally associate your company as high quality. Being prominent on Google is expected of today’s businesses. That’s why even a small business usually needs a website.

A poorly designed website will immediately lower trust in that brand. So, make sure that your website adds to your company not detracts from it.

FAQ’s – good for customers and great for business

Having content explaining questions about your services/brand can lead to better prospects and less wasted time. It offers your potential customers answers so that your customer service team don’t have to.

It can also mean that any leads you get are ‘qualified’ (actually interested in your brand or services). Better prospects and less time spend on customer service? That seems like a win for everybody.

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