Top 6 Google Ads Tips to Boost your Business

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How to run a successful Google Ads campaign.

Google Ads can be an incredibly powerful tool for driving traffic to your website.

But regardless of whether you’re a 1-man band or you have 10 locations around the country; budget is important.

We’ve put together some handy Google Ads tips to help you run a successful campaign and make the most of your ad spend budget.

So, what is Google Ads?

Google is the most widely used search engine the world over. So, it makes sense that the majority of your target audience will be using it to search for products, services, or information. And the golden rule of digital marketing is to go where your customers are.

There are 2 types of search results: organic and paid. An organic search result is one that shows up without “paying” for it. The term ‘free result’ can be a little misleading, as many organic results are the result of the time and effort of search engine optimisation.

A paid search result (or non-organic result) refers to when an advertiser pays a cost to be shown in the search results above organic results. The cost depends on a number of things, for example, competition level for keywords and landing page quality score.

How to get your website seen on Google with SEO

Advantages of using Google Ads

  • More business awareness in search results quickly. Great for new businesses.
  • Full visibility – track how your ads are doing and where you’re spending money.
  • Get qualified searchers to your site. They are already looking for similar products or services and are thus more likely to buy.

Easy Google Ads Tips

1. Pay attention to locations

Make sure you’re only targeting customers that you can actually do business with! If you can only serve customers in your immediate location, then make sure to exclude other areas.

How to make location-based marketing work for you.

2. Keep measuring and optimising

Even if you’re a Google Ads pro – it’s very rare that you’ll get everything right the first time.

There will always be a learning phase where you need to closely monitor your paid ads results. And when you’re consistently happy with results you can then look to start scaling up your business.

3. Think about what queries you don’t want to show for

Google Ads allow you the opportunity to add ‘negative keywords’. These are words which you don’t want your ads to show for. Common examples are words like ‘free’ or ‘DIY’.

Check out your Search Terms report to see how people are finding you by accident. You’ll be able to find a list of inappropriate search terms here which can be added to your negative keyword list.

4. Make the most of the real estate

Within the Google Ads dashboard, you have the opportunity to add ‘extensions’ to your adverts. Typical examples of ad extensions are locations, offers, call extensions, or even popular products.

By including these, the size of your advert increases and so helps you stand out against the competition. It can also help improve your clickthrough rate (the rate of people seeing your ad and clicking) by showing enticing offers or personalised locations to make the ad feel relevant.

5. Use your budget well

If you only have a small budget, trying to spread it across 75 keywords won’t go very far. It’s better to start off using a concentrated list with your most profitable demographic. This way you can be ultra-focused to make sure your budget is spent on ads which are more likely to return you revenue.

It also takes a lot of time investment to write ads which cater to a huge list of keywords. It’s better to start off on a select few and concentrate on making your ads great quality.

6. Make the most of the tools available

Responsive Search Ads help you work smarter and not harder. With this option, you’ll have the opportunity to provide different headlines and descriptions. Google will then serve these in different combinations until it works out what works best.

Check out our easy responsive search ads guide!
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