SEO tips to get the most out of your website

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Any business size can benefit from great SEO

Practising successful search engine optimisation can make a huge difference in increasing website traffic and boosting your organic search ranking.

A well-designed website does wonders. Many people underestimate the power of a well-built website.

Whether you’re looking for WordPress SEO tips or keyword research tips, we’ve covered it all in our handy guide below.

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Important WordPress SEO tips are:

1. Consider submitting an XML sitemap if your website has a lot of pages. This helps search engines identify key elements of your website

2. Make sure you have an attractive website design. A bad design could result in customers not returning which means lost revenue and even few external links. Nobody wants to share an unattractive website.

3. Do your keyword research ahead of time and make sure to use them in your all the relevant places (like headlines).

SEO Website Design Tips

4. Don’t forget to make sure you have a responsive website design. Neglecting mobile users when designing will instantly affect both your search rankings and revenue.

5.Make sure your website designer is experienced with creating well-structured navigation. It needs to be put together with users in mind.

Blog SEO Tips

6. Always write with a purpose. This could be to make potential buyers aware of your business, to situate yourself as an expert in their eyes or even to show why your company is the one that they should choose.

7. Look up search volumes when researching keywords before you start writing. Write the way people speak and search. It’ll make sure that your blog is much more discoverable.

Other Search Engine Optimisation Tips

8. Make sure you are always linking internally where you can. This could be linking to other popular products when the user is browsing a product, or even linking to other areas of the website within a blog.

9.Optimise your site’s speed and performance. Visitors will leave a web page if it takes longer than expected to load.

10. Be original in your content. Search engines value unique content – they are ranked highly within search algorithms. Duplicate content can even be harmful to your organic rankings.

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