One question we always get asked is “How can I get my website to appear on the first page of Google” and a lot of the time the answer is never simple.

Appearing on the first page of Google is more important now than ever. 75% of the time search engine users never look past the first page which is why so many people are trying to achieve that first-page goal. However, search engine optimisation can be a very complex exercise to nail as there is often no right answer. However, there are certain measures you can take in an attempt to improve your Google search position.


Google loves to know that you’re keeping your website updated. That’s why you need to be keeping on top of your blogs. Writing a blog every week will keep your website fresh. Also make sure you include videos, image and links Google likes this. Tip – Try to get both external and internal links into your content.

Keyword and Meta Data

Meta Description Example

A massive part of SEO is understanding the terms, keywords and phrases your users are searching. You then need to utilise this data to create relevant and creative content using these key phrases. Also, be sure to specify your meta title and description. These are the details that will show in search engines, take a look to the right for an example. You can download a WordPress plugin called Yoast which will help you specify those meta titles and descriptions, be sure to include your key phrases in here too.


It’s important to note, while SEO can have a dramatic and continuing effect on your websites search position, one of the most frequent misconceptions people have of SEO is that it will improve your search engine rankings overnight. SEO is a process and can often be a long one.

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