• The Client

    Alpha Safety Training is one of the leading accredited training providers in South Wales, offering training in a number of key sectors in industry, including construction, health and safety and manufacturing.

    Since their launch in 2009, Alpha has grown substantially. They have centres in Swansea and Cardiff and offer bespoke, private and open training from 19 different awarding bodies in-house or on-site throughout the UK.
  • The Situation

    We’ve worked with Alpha Safety Training for a number of years, having built their website back in 2015. We now work with them to provide a number of services, including ads management and are even in the process of building them a new website.

    The Thinking

    Given the nature of their services, most of their training is delivered in person. Like many businesses, Alpha Safety struggled during Covid. During this period, many of their competitors moved online where they were able to offer government-funded training.

    This naturally affected their revenue and so they turned to marketing channels to drive the necessary leads.
  • The Solution

    Once social distancing measures eased, we identified the opportunity to target customers through paid ads.

    Our goal included growing paid advertising, capitalising on competitor traffic on a variety of paid ad platforms. Starting with Google ads, we then included Facebook and Bing to ensure we covered the whole use journey to achieve maximum brand awareness.

    Through regular management, we've managed to grow the accounts to drive leads for the business. We made sure to regularly review search terms to ensure every penny of their budget was well spent.

    Other regular work we did as part of their account management was running regular user journey testing to ensure the campaigns are working effectively and getting results.
  • The result

    We’ve been running ads on Google, Bing and Facebook since 2021 and have seen tremendous growth in this period.

    We drive 33% of all conversions through paid campaigns. Each of their platforms has gone from strength to strength, particularly Google Ads which saw an increased conversions by 49% over the previous year.

    They have seen a steady increase in traffic and conversions, going from strength to strength since we implemented ads on three services.
  • “Copper Bay play an integral role to our overall operation here at Alpha Safety Training. We have had the pleasure of Copper Bay's support for many years, which has ranged from marketing through PPC & SEO campaigns through to website & CRM developments.

    The team are extremely supportive and provide excellent attention to detail in all of our needs!”

    Danial Ahern Alpha Safety
  • "Our partnership with Alpha has been a truly rewarding experience. They are a company that values customer experience above all else, and their deep understanding of the customer journey has been essential to our success in creating and executing effective marketing campaigns.

    From the start, we've been impressed by Dan's commitment to transparency and collaboration. They're always willing to share their insights and feedback, and they're always open to new ideas. This has allowed us to build a strong relationship of trust and mutual respect.

    As a result of our partnership, Alpha has achieved impressive results. Their sales have grown steadily and they've become a leader in their industry. We're proud to have played a role in their success, and we're excited to continue working with them in the future."

    Ronalyn Bentulan Marketing Executive - Copper Bay Digital