• The Client

    With a solid industry presence, Atkinson Lewis has established itself as a renowned company. Since 2009, their unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch services, including drug, alcohol, and DNA testing for family courts and individuals, has earned them a reputation for excellence in their field.
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  • Marketing strategy designed to skyrocket business success!
  • The Situation

    After we designed and developed their brand-new website they were looking to improve their online presence further. They approached us to put together a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to assist them in identifying the best way to market their business.

    The Thinking

    Although they had an internal marketing officer, she needed support in the best way to achieve their business goals and objectives. They wanted a marketing roadmap that helped identify their target audience and the best way to tailor their marketing efforts to effectively reach, engage, and convert their customers.
  • Implementing tactics that led to record breaking results!
  • The Solution

    The first step was to identify what the business goals were. This included where they were now within their industry and where they wanted to be. Our next step was to conduct thorough marketing research where we looked at both Atkinson Lewis and its closest competitors. This included a thorough review of their marketing channels and a comprehensive SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis.

    Once we had completed the research we began identifying the best tactics for marketing Atkinson Lewis and their services. The digital marketing strategy outlined a comprehensive plan for leveraging online channels and technologies to achieve marketing objectives.

    It includes various components such as social media marketing, content writing, email marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), paid advertising, and analytics among others. The multi-channel marketing plan would work to effectively reach and engage the target audience in the digital landscape.
  • The result

    The strategy piece identified the best ways to have different marketing channels working together and what messaging to adopt. After completing the marketing strategy we continued working with Atkinson Lewis on their marketing. The services included SEO, PPC and general marketing support.

    This work led to a dramatic 302% increase in website users and a 99% reduction in bounce rates (when compared to 2022). And it wasn’t just overall that they saw a dramatic increase, but also on individual channels.

    Thanks to the tactics outlined in the strategy piece, we were able to improve their organic performance hugely. Including a 311% increase in monthly clicks, a 288% increase in monthly impressions and a 21% improvement in their average search ranking position. And when you consider that they are now ranking for significantly more keywords, this is an even bigger achievement.
  • “The meetings have been amazing and a great help. I am learning so much but knowing we have your support to guide us is a major bonus and takes a lot of pressure off us.”

    Lara Davies
    Atkinson Lewis
  • “The digital marketing strategy played a crucial role in the client’s success. It helped us identify key channels, ideal marketing messages to adopt, and even marketing opportunities to take advantage of.

    It also outlined their ideal customer profile which was vital for their marketing. All this work was then utilised in managing individual marketing channels for the customer and the success really speaks for itself.”

    Vicki Nichols
    Digital Marketing Lead - Copper Bay Digital