• The Client

    New Home Quality Control are an industry leader for new home snagging in the UK. They provide a first-class service and are passionate about making sure that homeowners get what they paid for when it comes to new properties.

    They’re a well-established company with over 20 years of experience in the business. During the lockdown they experienced a surge in popularity thanks to their TikTok videos going viral and knew they needed to adapt.

    We’ve also worked with them on improving their online presence through a brand new website which included a custom booking tool. Currently, we are also working on developing a bespoke CRM to help them keep track of all of their leads.
  • The Situation

    Thanks to their viral TikToks, New Home Quality Control experienced huge growth. However, they knew that to continue growing they’d need to improve their online presence. And they weren’t going to just rest on their laurels by letting one channel do all the work.

    They were looking to become an industry leader for property snagging and knew they needed a digital partner to get there. We started working with them on just Google Ads, however now we’ve implemented a multi-channel approach which includes Bing Ads and Facebook Ads.

    The Thinking

    Although their TikTok channel was bringing plenty of brand awareness and contributing around 80% of their monthly leads, it was only really targeting one type of customer. From our marketing research, we understood that there was huge potential for capitalising on the regular monthly searches for their services.

    To prove worth, we first began working on Google Ads campaigns to drive qualified leads for their business. Over time this channel took over as the primary lead contributor and so we began to work on additional channels like Microsoft Bing Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • We ran brand awareness and retargeting campaigns across Facebook, Google and Bing.
  • Our strategic approach drove real results for the customer.
  • The Solution

    The first step was to build comprehensive campaigns to drive both brand awareness and conversions. Using data from our research and New Home’s experience, we formed ideal customer profiles to target and began aggressively bidding on key terms. This included making use of a campaign type that was brand-new at the time called Performance Max. We found this was able to drive a huge number of impressions at a low cost.

    We quickly saw results from this strategic approach and so began working on further improving our stats by retargeting users who didn’t convert the first time. We ran retargeting campaigns across Facebook, Google and Bing search. Our team implemented regular optimisations and upgraded design assets to ensure that we stayed ahead of their competitors.
  • Retargeting campaigns worked to improve on converting users who didn't buy first time.
  • This way we ensured that the customer got maximum value from our work.
  • The result

    The results really do speak for themselves. When we originally began working with New Home in 2022, they were getting around 80% of their leads from TikTok. However, now this channel only contributes around 17% to their monthly total.

    Through the channels that we manage, we are contributing around 33% of the monthly leads on average, and we only see this growing. Google Ads in particular saw a huge success rate, with a 400% increase month-on-month in lead generation.

    Over a period of 8 months, we’ve generated over 1000 quality leads. And when you consider that an average order value (AOV) is around £450 per lead, this change in strategy resulted in a significant increase in revenue. This really shows a remarkable shift in lead generation dynamics and truly demonstrates the power of diversified marketing channels.
  • “It's truly a pleasure to work with a client who wholeheartedly embraces our approach and trusts our expertise. Witnessing the remarkable growth we've achieved together fuels our excitement for the future.

    I think the results are a real testament to the power of a strong client relationship and good marketing channel management. ”

    Joe Diamond
    Digital Strategist - Copper Bay Digital