• Overview

    We are proud to have built the original tiny toes ballet website back in 2013. However, as Emma’s requirements had grown, a need for a new website was identified.

    The revamped website needed a custom backend/ management system which suited her business model. There was also an opportunity to capitalise on eCommerce by adding product sales to the online presence too.
  • The Customer

    Founded by Emma Morgan in 2010, tiny toes ballet uses the power of dance and movement to inspire and teach young children as they take their first steps into childhood.

    Emma is a professionally trained classical ballet dancer, a registered Royal Academy of Dance teacher, an experienced primary school teacher, and a mum.

    She has used her extensive knowledge of how children learn, alongside her dance expertise, to create a post-natal and pre-school dance and ballet syllabus. The syllabus is designed to captivate, delight, inspire, motivate, and challenge, whilst developing important language, social, and gross motor skills.

    Emma has franchised her business, with classes all across the UK. It’s a successful business franchise model. However, Emma knows her business has a lot more potential to grow and become top of the class.

    The Challenge

    As Emma’s business has grown, the website needed to be developed to better support franchisees and customers.

    With growing competition in the industry, it was important to make sure that she had a website that stood out and a complete management system to operate over 15 franchises across the UK.
  • To better support franchisees and customers.
  • A website that stands out from competitors.
  • The Solution

    The team got to work, using their specialisms in Website Design and UX, Web Development, and custom automation.

    Visitors now have the option of entering a postcode or using the Use My Current Location facility. They can also add in the age of their child. A map shows all the active classes within their area, and booking is a click away.

    We created several automations that help franchisees manage and run their business more efficiently. The automatic email reminders that are sent when classes become available are an example of this.

    To improve the booking experience, we provided a first-class design and UX and made sure that the key calls to action were clear and always available without overpowering the user. The design and development teams worked closely together to create a streamlined booking experience.

    Our team removed unnecessary pages and steps that did not add value or lead to bookings. Several members of the team tested the systems internally, receiving valuable feedback for adjustment and improvement.

    We have also taken on the management of tiny toes ballet’s social media presence and Google My Business profile. Our content team regularly produces SEO-optimised content to help improve their organic ranking.

    The Results

    The result was that tiny toes ballet now has a modern, clean, and professional website that streamlines processes. It makes it easier for both the business owner, the franchisees and the customers.

    Their online presence has been significantly enhanced through the website and operations streamlined through the management tools, ensuring that they are seen as an industry leader for years to come.
  • To have a streamlined booking experience.
  • From our Client

    “I’m really pleased with the new website, and what’s more, customers and franchisees have said how much better it is now. It looks far more professional and reflects the business today.

    Franchisees now have less admin to do because of the backend features and functionality, and I have to say that the automations have been a game changer in terms of cutting down on admin time and improving the general running of the business.

    I couldn’t be any happier with the work of Copper Bay Digital.”