Content marketing is huge in the marketing world and very effective with many benefits.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic inbound marketing method which focuses on creating content for a range of marketing media. Media such as websites, blogs, social media, eMails and interactive content like games and apps.

In order for your content marketing efforts to be successful, it must be creative, valuable, relevant and consistent.

These factors of your content marketing will help to attract and retain target audiences and generate valuable consumer actions.


When it comes to content marketing its important to plan.  Market, Message, Media. These are the key elements to think about when it comes to planning. You need to determine your overall aims and objectives of your business and then go onto how you will achieve those.

You then need to do some research to figure out your businesses market, what audiences and demographics are your business aiming to attract and retain in order to achieve the highest conversion rates? And equally as important, what platforms are you most likely to been seen by your target audience? It could be emailing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube the list goes on.

Once you have your goals, objectives and target market pinned down you should revert back to your brand. Plan your messaging and what kind of information you’re going to put out there.


Content marketing is great in increasing your brand awareness and visibility and just overall getting your brand out there and seen.

It also builds trust in your targeting audiences and helps you build relationships with them giving you a direct line of contact to engage with your users and prospects.

Finally, it’s a great method you can use to drive traffic to your website and often a lot cheaper and faster than if you were using paid ads.


However, there are also some obstacles you may face when it comes to content marketing. Firstly, coming up with new ideas consistently can be challenging, but there are ways around this. Try coming up with content related to both your business and current affairs such as events and news.

But, there are also legal factors to consider when creating your content and collecting data. You must ensure your content is not copied or plagiarised from another business and that all of your data collection is GDPR compliant.

There can also be technical constraints, you need to consider for example, whether or not you have the skills or equipment to professionally create content such as videos and infographics or even the skills to work with your website and upload content to it.

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