Days Motorhomes Website designEver wonder why your website isn’t performing as well as you would have hoped? Well this possibly will be due to your website not being mobile responsive. Here are 5 facts to why your website MUST BE mobile responsive in this modern online world;

1. Growth of the Smartphone

Over the past decade smartphones have become a lot more affordable meaning the sales within this industry have rocketed. Due to this, a lot more customers are searching daily across the web for your products or services using their mobile phones instead of desktops. This now means that most of your customer base is mobile users so you must accommodate your website for this audience.

2. Reduces your websites bounce rate:

Bounce rate is the number of visitors who click onto your website then click straight back off it again. If your website is not mobile friendly, your bounce rate is likely to be very high. This is because the content on your site will be unreadable and difficult to use due to the difference screen size and shape. This then means your site is not user friendly, increase your bounce rate. However, if your site was mobile friendly users wouldn’t have the ‘pinch and zoom’ issues making the site easy to navigate. This will then dramatically decrease your websites bounce rate. Remember, make the experience as easy as possible for your customers!

3. Builds customer loyalty:

As stated above, making the customer experience on your site as easy as possible is key. If you have a mobile responsive website where content is readable and all call of actions are clear, then the amount of people using your site will increase. This will also mean the number of repeat visitors to your site will increase. If customers have a good first experience, they are very likely to use the website again!

4. Benefits to your company brand:

Offering a satisfying mobile experience to your customers will most certainly benefit your company brand. If consumers have an easy, straight ward user experience on your website then they are likely to emotional feel positive thoughts about your brand. This can have a positive effect on both your online and offline presences.

5. Because Google wants you to:

Due to the massive growth in smartphone users, Google now prioritises mobile friendly websites in the Google Search Network. This is because Google wants to keep its mobile users happy by giving them excellent quality, easy to navigate mobile sites. So, if you wish to maintain competitive in the Google Search Network you must have a mobile friendly website! This will then increase the success of your website.

But do not panic, we can make your current website fully mobile responsive from just £199 (+VAT)! Simply enquire now!

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