The importance of customer reviews and how they provide social proof.

Importance of customer reviews

Customer reviews are a crucial aspect of any business. They provide valuable insights into your business, including any products or services you provide.

Nearly all consumers (95%) read reviews first before committing to a purchase. This helps show the importance of customer reviews, as they have the potential to dramatically increase your sales!

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Benefits of customer reviews:

How reviews improve customer experience1. Increased credibility.

Positive client reviews serve as social proof. They build your credibility and trust with new potential customers.

This becomes even more true with having plenty of positive reviews that are recent. It can help convince new audiences that you’re a reputable business as many of your customers have had a positive experience when dealing with you.

2. Improved customer experience.

Another benefit of customer feedback is that it can dramatically improve your conversion rate. Not only will it give you positive feedback that you can use to promote your products/services, but you’ll also gain information about how to improve.

3. Increased conversions (sales/leads)

Another customer feedback advantage is that they can dramatically improve your conversion rate. They help build trust by giving potential customers something valuable called social proof.

Social proof in marketing is the idea that people are more likely to trust a product or service if they see that others have already used it. This is based on a positive experience. Other examples of social proof are celebrity or influencer endorsements.

Customer reviews improve SEO

4. Better SEO.

Positive online reviews can help improve your organic search engine ranking. This leads to improved visibility and more potential customers seeing your brand.

Having more positive Google customer reviews can also help your organisation rise up in their business listings.

And rising up the listings means that more potential customers will see your business, increasing the likeliness of them doing business with you in the future.

5. Inform marketing strategies

They offer a window into the thoughts and opinions of your audience and can provide valuable insights for future marketing decisions.

For example, highlighting product or service USPs (unique selling points) that you may not have thought of.

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Online reputation management6. Reputation management

Online reviews for businesses give you a way to manage your reputation. For example, responding to negative reviews and addressing any issues they’ve mentioned.

Although no business wants negative reviews, replying to them can help show potential customers that you are available and ready to help with queries. It also helps make the positive reviews look more authentic and real too.


How to ask your customers for a review

Asking your clients for reviews can help gather valuable feedback and build a positive online reputation. However, it’s critical to ask for it in the right way as it can also negatively impact your business.

Tips for asking customers to review your business:

  • Timing:

Choose a time when the customer is most likely to be satisfied with their experience, such as after successful project completion.

  • Method:

Choose the right way to reach out to your customers. For example, via email, phone calls, or even through a dedicated review platform like Trustpilot.

  • Personalisation:

Making the request personal and showing appreciation for the customer can help increase the rate of reviews.

  • Convenience:

Ask yourself, when was the last time you actually reviewed a company?  Most of the time, you only go the extra mile after a negative experience.

So you’re less likely to receive positive reviews in general. However, ensuring that the review process is as easy as possible will help improve their response rates.

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