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Copper Bay Transforms Landscaping Company’s Website

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Vicki Nichols

Digital Marketing Lead

From Wix to WordPress: How Copper Bay Upgraded JP Paving & Landscape’s Website for Success

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new website for JP Paving & Landscape. They are a leading company in the South Wales area, with a focus on providing exceptional service. The issue was that their current website didn’t reflect this.

They approached us with the aim of revamping their website and integrating their booking system to improve customers’ experiences while maintaining the integrity of their brand. With a deep understanding of the client’s pain points, our team at Copper Bay embarked on a journey to design and develop a WordPress brochure website. The website also needed an integrated booking system (Calendly).

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How Copper Bay Transformed JP Paving & Landscape’s Website

Our UX designers and WordPress developers worked tirelessly to ensure that James’s vision and brand continuity were maintained throughout the site. Upon competition, both our team and James were delighted with the final result.

JP Paving & Landscape’s new website is fully responsive across all devices, making it easy for clients to access the information they need on the go. The booking system is now easily accessible with easily legible and user-friendly links. This ensured that his clients could make appointments with ease, regardless of their age and digital abilities.

Reflecting Professionalism and Success with a Project Showcase

One of the significant challenges that James was facing was his inability to update his previous website. This, in turn, put his brand’s integrity at risk. Our team at Copper Bay created a flexible design that allows James to manage and update the website with ease.

James is now able to ensure that his projects are always up-to-date. This results in his customers being able to easily find the information they need.

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Who are JP Paving & Landscape?

Covering all of South Wales, they are outdoor space specialists who will work with you to find the right garden solution for your home. They’re an experienced company that prides itself on making its clients’ outdoor space dreams a reality.

How a brand new website helped our client stay ahead of the competition
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At Copper Bay, we are proud of our team’s work on this project. We are confident that the new website will help JP Paving & Landscape achieve its goal of providing exceptional service to its clients.

We work with a range of clients in a variety of industries to identify their business goals. The next step is to identify how we could support them in achieving them. If you’re interested in revamping your site, the first step is to get in touch!

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