Get more leads with Direct Response Marketing


The goal behind the direct response marketing approach is to generate immediate responses. The immediate responses in turn generate new leads which lead to more sales.

Direct response marketing focuses on the immediate instead of the long-term goals that are often prominent in other forms of digital marketing (such as building brand awareness or brand affinity).

Why should I be using Direct Response Marketing?

  • It focuses on the short-term so it’s often much easier to calculate and follow the ROI.
  • It’s designed to focus on increasing valuable desired actions quickly so often generates immediate revenue.
  • It’s easy to track so optimising your campaigns is possible. This way you can make sure you’re always eliciting the best responses.

Core Components of Direct Response Marketing

Although direct response marketing can make use of nearly any marketing channels. It will always consist of the core elements that make up direct response marketing.


While the idea of an offer may feel obvious. The aim behind it isn’t always to sell anything. It often focuses on gaining the attention from the potential customer. It is usually post ‘bite’ from an interested party that they are brought into the sales funnel.

Example ‘offers’: Free demos, referral programmes, chatbots offering help.

Persuasive and Informative Content

The message should be informative, personalised, relevant and of course persuasive. Highlight the value of the offer and informing them of all necessary information to take the appropriate immediate action. Creating a sense of urgency helps convince the customer to take the next step now.

Although, it’s important to not overload the target customer. Emphasis should be on short, sharp, and succinct.

It’s crucial that any direct response form of marketing should have a clear CTA which makes it clear what the appropriate means of response is.

Buy it now or regret it later

Example “CTA’s”:

  • Refer a friend today for 20% off your next order.
  • Sign up for a free product demo today.
  • Contact us immediately on 01792 293366 to take advantage of this offer.
  • Share this post and tag us before March 20th to be entered in the competition.
  • Follow the link below👇

6 ways to include Direct Response Marketing in your business

1. Use complimentary campaigns to nurture leads long term until they’re ready to buy. It often takes a few points of contact to encourage someone to do something.

2. ‘Refer a friend’ are extremely popular examples of direct response marketing. And for good reason! You are not only improving your reach and producing new leads but are also encouraging repeat orders for existing customers.

mobile moments - social ads

3. Make use of social ads (Instagram or Facebook Ads) to encourage quick buys. This helps drive clear eCommerce goals and is complimented by the visual and mobile nature of social media.

4. Looking to recruit? Using direct response marketing is great for getting the best prospects to apply. Particularly in quite cutthroat industries.

5. Use it for upselling your existing customers. It’s far easier to encourage existing customers to repeat their orders than creating brand new customers. Using marketing emails with a sense of urgency are great tactics for this.

6. Didn’t win the business of a lead first time round? You can use direct response marketing techniques to follow up and turn lost opportunities into won ones.

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