Digital Marketing Tips for Using LinkedIn to Get More Business

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become an important tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and connect with potential customers.

Now, different social media channels work for different businesses. After all, it really depends on who you’re targeting.

If your business targets other businesses, then LinkedIn is somewhere you need to be. So we’ve put together easy marketing tips for how to use LinkedIn to win more business!


What is LinkedIn?

LinkedInIf you’re not one of LinkedIn’s 740 million members worldwide, then you might not know much about the platform. Essentially, it’s a social media channel exclusively for businesses and professionals. So this makes it an ideal space for business-minded individuals.

People use LinkedIn to promote their businesses, post industry-related content, search for job roles and even network professionally. But that doesn’t make it simple.

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The Difference between a Personal Profile and a Company Page:

There are 2 main types of pages on LinkedIn. The first is a personal profile which acts as an individual’s identity on the site. It allows you to create a profile, post content, make connections and even establish your personal brand.

The second type is a company page. This is a page that represents a business, charity or organisation on LinkedIn. You can do much of the same things as a personal profile, however, you do have a deeper access to analytics and advertising options.


Tips to Get More Business on LinkedIn:

1. First work on optimising your personal profile

This is important because it helps to establish professional credibility. People will often research a company before reaching out to key staff members.

To optimise your personal LinkedIn profile:
  • Craft a compelling headline that clearly communicates your value and expertise.
  • Write an engaging summary that highlights what you’ve achieved and outlines your goals.
  • Showcase your experience, skills and education. Make sure to use relevant keywords for better search visibility.
  • Keep your profile picture professional, but don’t neglect the background details!
  • Make sure to ask for recommendations from colleagues, clients, or partners to strengthen your credibility.

2. Next, build a strong company page

Here are some tips for building a strong LinkedIn company profile:
  • Make sure any assets you use are branded but consistent. Including profile pictures and cover pictures.
  • Complete any and all sections that are appropriate for your business. This helps increase the legitimacy of your page.
  • Post consistently. But make sure that every post has a purpose, for example, to show your expertise, engage with your audience or even inform more about your brand purpose.
  • Genuinely engage with your followers. Social media is all about connecting with each other, so make sure you’re doing this using your company page. It can help with brand awareness, engagement and even portraying a better brand image.
  • Make sure to utilise your LinkedIn analytics to gain a better insight into the performance of your business page. You can monitor metrics like follower growth, engagement rates and post reach to see what resonated with your audience. Use this data to adjust your content strategy to ensure you’re optimising your page’s effectiveness.
  • Consider running targeted advertising campaigns. This is an excellent way to reach your target audience with crafted messages. There are a number of ad formats including sponsored content and InMail campaigns that you could utilise.
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3. Next work on Building a Strong Network:

This should be done for both your company page and personal profile as improvements to either will affect the other.

Tips for building a stronger network on LinkedIn
  • Don’t be afraid to connect with industry professionals, clients, colleagues and even thought leaders in your field who align with your business goals.
  • Personalise all connection requests that you send to establish a genuine connection and explain how you can add value.
  • Engage with your network by liking, commenting, and sharing relevant content regularly.
  • Join industry-related groups to expand your reach and take part in discussions.

4. Create and Share Valuable Content:

This will be key in how to use LinkedIn to win more business. Without it, everything else you do can fall flat.

Tips for creating engaging and shareable content:
  • Share blog posts that showcase your expertise and offer value to your target audience.
  • Don’t be afraid of sharing content that you haven’t written originally like industry news articles. You can still add your insightful comments or perspective to the copy when sharing it.
  • Make sure you’re making use of a variety of media including images, videos, infographics and carousels. Using a variety of them can help make your posts more engaging.
  • Always respond to any comments or questions to foster meaningful conversations and engagement.

5. Leverage LinkedIn Features:

Don’t forget to utilise the native features within the platform as these can be valuable tools to drive engagement and more leads.

Tips for using LinkedIn Features:
  • Use their advanced search options to identify potential leads, partners, or clients based on specific target criteria.
  • Run targeted advertising campaigns to reach and engage with your target audience.
  • Join and participate in relevant LinkedIn groups to establish yourself in your field.
  • Don’t be afraid to try LinkedIn Sales Navigator for advanced lead generation and prospecting.
  • Utilise LinkedIn’s different post types including using polls. These are a great way to reach and engage with new people quickly. They can also be a powerful tool for collecting information about your audience. For example, their main challenges which you can use to craft your content strategy.

6. Keep trying new things but closely monitor and analyse your efforts

It might surprise you what works really well and what doesn’t, so keeping an eye on your performance is a great way to get granular about things.

How to monitor and analyse your LinkedIn performance:
  • Regularly review your company’s page analytics to gain insight into what posts have performed well. You can then make sure to utilise more of these types of posts in your content strategy.
  • Experiment with different types of content and posting schedules. This way you’ll be able to identify what times and posts work best to resonate with your audience.
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Ready to use LinkedIn to win more business?

Win more leadsLinkedIn is a platform that’s powerful for businesses. Where they can expand their reach, establish authority in their industry and gain more sales/leads, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

We manage clients’ company profiles across a variety of social media channels to drive optimum results. And as a digital marketing agency, we have witnessed the significant impact that a well-executed LinkedIn strategy can have on a business’s growth. Check out an example of how LinkedIn Ads drove huge membership growth for our client.

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