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Our monthly guide to social media updates that you need to know!

Anybody who works with social media knows that it is constantly evolving. Whether it’s a big trend or a massive algorithm update to match demand, it’s important to try to keep on top of it.

This is why we’ve put together our monthly guide to social media updates that you need to know about.

The most recent updates

TikTok Updates:

1. All creators must now disclose when content is AI-generated or AI-influenced

There is now a label that creators must use if their content is either generated by an AI or influenced by it. TikTok is one of the latest social media channels to prioritise this as an update.

2. Potential to ban external e-commerce links

In a bold move to boost their TikTok shop, there has been much discussion about the channel banning outside e-commerce links altogether!

Many creators are currently promoting their Amazon storefronts, so this would be a huge change to their strategy if TikTok does decide to implement it.

3. Talks about TikTok becoming a podcast app

At present, users have to leave the app to listen to full podcasts. However, there’s been talk that TikTok is looking to make it possible for creators to upload entire episodes to TikTok via an RSS feed.

This social media update is in the very early stages with some tests being rolled out to chosen accounts.

4. Holiday Marketing Guide Released

Ok, so this isn’t quite a social media update that you need to know. But it is definitely an interesting report that TikTok users should check out.

The guide dives into everything you need to know about getting started in TikTok and even provides creative tips for success and how to optimise your channel and videos!

LinkedIn Updates:

1. Updates to Engagement Signals to Improve Feeds

You might have noticed some changes on LinkedIn recently, and it’s all been thanks to them expanding the engagement signals to try to offer a more personalised feed. This social media update has altered some aspects of how both personal and company posts are distributed.

Here are some changes:
  • You’ll see more content from the people and pages that you interact with most.
  • More focus on hashtag engagement to highlight relevant topics to users.
  • Reduced notifications for specific actions.
  • Posts are now seeing more reach over time, as opposed to gaining the most traction on the first day
 2. Even more AI developments

The new future of work report has made several suggestions and reinstates LinkedIn’s dedication to leading the platform with AI. Definitely worth a read

3. Brand partnership tags and other updates for creators

Users are now seeing a new Brand Partnership toggle in their post-creation options. When activated, it adds a ‘brand partnership’ tag to the top of your update, below your username.

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X/Twitter Updates:

1. ‘X’ is here to stay

The name change implemented will stay but with a very minor change to the logo. It looks very similar but has a slightly more bolded look.

2. New analysis shows that X’s algorithm is evolving

There have been many changes and updates noticed with the algorithm. Including:

  • Replies are being emphasised and prioritised to encourage discussion.
  • A longer duration of post-life span is increased from 24 hours to 48 hours.
  • Video content is being prioritised.
  • X is also penalising mentions of the term ‘Threads’.
3. Changes to the in-app link preview layout

You might have noticed that link previews now look quite different in-app. This is thought to be part of their strategy to reduce the amount of external links in the app.

Instagram Updates:

1. Generative AI features are being experimented with for Instagram

There are many features thought to be updated to try to take advantage of generative AI. These include:

  • AI-generated content labels
  • AI-generated summaries for direct messages
  • AI-chatbot within messages
  • AI-powered story editing (rumoured)
  • Generative AI stickers
  • Comments AI-Generated (this one has mixed reviews so far)
2. Instagram adds a new option for comment replies

This one is definitely an interesting update. They’re offering a new way to engage with your audience by sharing comments from any public post or reel to your Instagram Story.

3. Audio clips for notes are being tested

Instagram officially announced a new audio clip option is coming to the notes in the app. This update is likely to be popular for audiences with multi-lingual audiences.

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Threads Updates:

1. Coming to Desktop soon

Expected to launch soon. This social media update is to hopefully help reignite user growth following a slow patch of user acquisition.

2. Threads vs. X comparison

Not so much of an update, but more of a social media trend. People are continuing to compare them as they’re very much in opposition to each other.

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